Monday, November 24, 2008

I told her that she would get to Kindergarten gradually...

This morning GIRL dissolved. She's allowed. She's four. It was a rough morning. First her headband wouldn't go on right. Then her warm washcloth for morning ablutions turned cold. And she didn't like anything BOY said. Pretty much...any thing. She seemed fragile. I recognize all those feelings and frustrations...but, I call it perimenopause.

Then came the clincher, out of the BLUE...


Sweetie, you're not going to Kindergarten any time soon.

But, Kindergarten is EVERY DAY! And she burst into tears... at 7:30am.

I took her on my lap and held her. I explained to her that she wasn't going to Kindergarten next year. I told her that she would get to Kindergarten gradually...doing the PreK class that BOY's doing this year next fall. She would go every day to PreK, but only half days. And her Daddy told her that by the time she was ready for Kindergarten she would love it.

I feel blessed that her teacher is in agreement with us that she have that extra year next year. She has a late September birthday, so she could go to Kindergarten next year. (California has a bizzaro cut-off date for Kindergarten - you must be 5 by early December??) Intellectually, she would be ready. But, to give her that extra time that she needs to have more self-confidence and social ease before entering Kindergarten...that is a gift that I can give her.

And so...she wiped her tears away, fixed her hair and sat down for breakfast. All was once again well with her world. My frustrations continued into the evening. Luckily for me, Jack is back!! As in...It's JackO'Clock!

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  1. Awwwwww....she is sweet--she just wants to be at home with you :)

  2. Poor girlie! I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do on the Kindergarten front...I'm not sure...

  3. Tee hee - jack-o-clock! Happy Hour can't come soon enough!

    I know about those mornings. Some days are "sad" days. I'm glad you were able to pull her out of her funk!

  4. such short, yet ferocious storms! I remember that age!

  5. Oh that sweet child. The Queen can't WAIT to go to kindergarten. I'm hoping I can keep her at half-days, but we have all day kindergartens here. She may be in for a rude awakening. DeBoy said, "I'm not going to school, I'm going to stay home with my Mommy." His birthday is 3 days after our cut off, so he has two years before he needs to worry about it. Although I suspect that once his sister is gone, he might be more interested in going, too.

  6. I've wanted to ask this a long time ago, "Can I be your little girl too, Mommy?" I really envy your kids....

  7. Smart mommy. Most of the state of MA has an August 31st cut off. We live in a town where it's December 31st. HRH is a late November baby and we also decided to let him have the extra year of pre-k.

    It's made a world of difference. It's obviously not about the academics (given that, of course our children are gifted). It's far more about the social and emotional growth they need to handle such a big step.

  8. Canada has a MAR 1 cut off. Meaning Kindergarteners much turn 5 by MARCH 1 of the year they start K. It is so young. Many hold back their fall birthday kids.

    Grant didn't want to go to Kindergarten and had a similar melt down when we were getting his immunizations. He was allowed and justified that day as well.


  9. God bless you, friend; my daughter has these violent mood swings that make my head spin [and throb].

    It does feel good to be so loved as Mom though...


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