Thursday, November 13, 2008

It is such a treat to read to you

Dear BOY & GIRL,

Tonight I was reading a chapter book to you two and you were captured by the story. One of my childhood favorites: Stuart Little by E.B. White. A chapter book with minimal pictures and many, many words! I picked it up on impulse the other day while we were at the library. And here we were, tonight, the three of us...immersed in the story.

I read three chapters. You wiggled a bit, but at the end of each chapter you wanted to read more. More, you said. MORE! I didn't know if you would be ready for a chapter book, and was fully prepared to toss it aside if it was too much, but it wasn't.

BOY, I loved how you kept looking up at me to watch the expressions cross my face as I was reading.

GIRL, you took such pleasure in turning the pages when it was time.

I've always loved reading the picture books to you both, and we still will, but this...this was special. This enabled you to use your own imagination as I read you the story, and you drew your own illustrations in your head.

I don't even know how many hours I have spent reading in my life. I have read in beds, in chairs, hammocks and trees, on the floor, on the beach, on a mountain top, in waiting rooms, in the car, on airplanes and trains... And, oh yes...on the computer.

It is such a treat to read to you. Sometimes it takes a great deal of patience, because you ask SO many questions. And when it is a book that you have memorized, GIRL, you love to chime in. Occasionally ...early. You are both so curious. About everything. It makes me a little tired, but most of all it fills me with love and wonder. Because your curiosity means you are engaged in life. And maybe, just maybe...I'm doing something right.

As we always say ...I love you more than the moon and the stars, as much as the whole world, and even the universe!



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  1. I hope you 'force' (*laugh*) them to read this when they are all grown up... if my mom wrote this to me, I'd cried...

  2. I can't wait to start on chapter books! Not that I want my little girl to grow up too fast or anything, but I'm really looking forward to a few chapters each night. Joy!

  3. Reading to your children is truly one of the great pleasures in life.

  4. wonderful. it's so great when you see them reaching new levels and their is nothing more precious thean reading to them...

  5. My mom used to read us one chapter out of a book every night. We'd beg for more, but she'd go no further, leaving us hanging. I think that's one reason I became such a big reader, I can't stand to put a book down and not find out what happens next!

  6. What a great book to read together. I envy you the chance to snuggle close and enjoy the story with your two little ones. Precious days to be sure and I know you are enjoying them.

    Best to you all.

  7. I swear that one of my first memories is looking up at my mother's face while lying in bed, listening to her read to me. What precious memories to treasure!

  8. Oh, that gave me goosebumps. I love reading the chapter books to my five-year-old. Girl Three isn't quite there yet.

  9. That's lovely. I've been anxiously awaiting for when they're old enough for the chapter books. Now you've inspired me to go ahead and try it!

  10. Take my advice: Do not follow up by reading Charlotte's Web. We are still reeling from trauma, and it's been probably seven or eight years.

  11. May you have many, many more years of reading great literature to them. I recently learned how important it is to read aloud to teenagers, who knew?!

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  13. This was one of my favorites growing up. Interestingly enough, it almost didn't get published. There was quite a bit of controversy surrounding whether or not it was appropriate for children at all....

    Lets try this again -


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