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How JCK met E

Atlanta - Spring of 1993

JCK was in one of her moods. In fact, she was feeling downright blue. A sudden spring snow storm had brought Atlanta to its knees the day before. 4-6" of snow and two snow plows in the city meant a booming bar business. Of which she couldn't partake as she had an audition that afternoon.

The audition was for an IBM industrial training film. Oh, joy! The pay was always good, but the idea of putting a suit on, as well as makeup, and appearing UP, was a little much to bear at this particular moment. Fuck! However, JCK knew that getting out would be good for her and she would feel the better for it. So...she dragged herself into the shower, changed and headed out.

Her agent had paired her up with an actor named E. She had not met him. She had moved back to Atlanta the summer before, from Los Angeles, and she hadn't yet met the full contingent of actors in Atlanta. It was a small community overall, and everyone appeared to know each other.

She arrived early and there were a couple of other actors there. She had a few minutes to look over the copy and then sat to read with one of the actors. The casting assistant called them in, and after a quick run through they were put on tape. As JCK walked back out to the waiting area, she noticed another actor had arrived. He was quite friendly, they chit chatted, wished each other luck and she left. His name was E.

The next day JCK's agent called and told her that she had gotten the role. It was a three day shoot starting the next week and would pay the rent for April. JCK was glad that she had roused her ass and gotten to that audition.

The night before the shoot, JCK found herself feeling quite ill. Her throat was incredibly sore, and she had that bad feeling in the pit of her stomach that she was coming down with something. The next day dawned with a head cold the likes of which JCK had not experienced for some time, perhaps EVER. Her nose appeared its own rain cloud and things were not looking good for JCK. However, she started downing cold medicine and hoped for the best.

When JCK arrived on the set and found her way to wardrobe & makeup, she was pleasantly surprised to see E there. It appeared that although they hadn't read together for the audition, they had been teamed together. Life had just gotten more interesting for JCK.

The film was typical 1990's Industrial Film. Dialogue like an extra dry martini without the buzz. Slightly painful. The Right Way and the Wrong Way of Time Management. JCK and E were playing coworkers. E was the disorganized, bumbling worker. JCK was the slightly anal, highly organized worker. It was...a match made in IBM heaven. The scintillating scenes consisted of various scenarios in which it was made clear to the future viewing audience that JCK's way was THE WAY. However, E had the fun role. JCK was happy to watch him bumble, despite a head cold from hell and feeling like CRAP.

At the end of a very long day, bearable only by E's charisma and JCK's heavy makeup, E asked JCK if she would like to go out for a drink. All JCK felt like doing was going home, crawling into bed, and perhaps reading a trashy romance. Apparently E's charisma, charm and good looks were persuasive, as JCK threw all Kleenex to the wind and met him at a local eatery.

It was there that JCK confessed that she had a monster of a head cold and would be drinking hot tea. E ordered a beer and charmed her by stating that he hadn't even noticed that she had a cold, and how professional was she! that it hadn't interfered in any way with the production. JCK began purring. JCK also wondered if E might be blind. Surely her nose, just to the southern side of Rudolph, and frequent dashes to the bathroom during breaks had been suspicious? She was intrigued.

The next couple of days passed uneventfully. JCK and E had a little flirtation going, which helped pass the time. Then the shoot was over. E caught up with JCK at the parking structure.

Can I call you sometime?


They got into their cars and drove away. JCK realized that E had not asked for her telephone number, but she figured he would find her somehow.

This is the end of installment one: How JCK met E


This post was sparked by JEN from Rants & Raves who wished to know how JCK met E.


Note: It's NaBloPoMo, what would you like me to write about?

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  1. Ho ho ho!! He asked if he could call but you hadn't given him your number?// Oooh, the plot thickens.

    And yes, this all sounds so sweet and romantic!

  2. I love these stories! And you two, especially...this is going to be good. And you weren't even wearing fishnets! (Yes, that is an assumption on my part - but I do know a thing or two about IBM, so it's a fairly comfortable assumption.)

  3. Awww.... you temptress! just when I was grabbing my drink to sip and ready to read on, it stopped! Hey! don't leave me hanging in the air like that.... continue the story won't you? so no telephone number, did he follow you home?!!

  4. I can't wait for the next installment.

    I love stories about how people met the people their spouses.

  5. Oy. A cliffhanger. You and Suldog are going to kill me. I'm about to email you with a name from my sordid past.

  6. said fuck! If I had said that on my blog people would be telling me how I can't love Jesus and don't deserve to carry the flag...You go girl, I fucking love your story and can't wait to hear the rest! BTW I was sick with a fever the day I met my husband....maybe illness puts an extra bloom in our cheeks that they can't resist??

  7. can't wait to hear the rest of the story!

  8. Sure, leave me on the edge of my seat...

    (Love this story!)

  9. Hmmmm...I wonder if he ever called? ;)

    Can't wait to hear more!

  10. Intriguing! This should be fun...

    Oh, and thanks for a little shot of John Krasinski to start my day!

  11. I just adore these J. It made my heart smile.

  12. More! More! More! :)

    P.S. I remember that snowstorm!

  13. i love "how we met" stories. this one is off to a great start!

  14. I LOVE this.
    And what the hell?
    It's Friday, you wrote that yesterday. I'll take my next installment now please.

  15. I just knew it would be good! "Sure" - one word that changed your entire life! I can't wait to read the rest.

  16. I love how everything in your life has been such an adventure. I'm as anxious as everyone else for more.

  17. This story definitely has the makings of a romance novel plot line. You know I'd read it.

    Running over to next installment...


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