Wednesday, November 26, 2008

NaBloPoMo...Driving JCK to write poorly at best because she's such a friggin' goody two shoes...

In which she would love to yell FUCK, but it appears unseemly due to Thanksgiving being tomorrow. Nothing really VALID to yell FUCK about, but it would feel good. Yes. It. Would.

Diarrhea. Not mine. Yet. But, poor little GIRL.'d never know there was something wrong by the way she's been today - other than taking a 2 hour nap this afternoon.Can we say it again? FUCK. Let's hope that's all there is and it's done by tomorrow. So far, very minor. But, there IS the night to get through.

Today I built a Lego bulldozer with my son, took my daughter to ballet and have been making cornbread stuffing tonight. I've based it on a recipe, but have thrown in my own pizazz. If it's good tomorrow, I'll share the recipe in a post.

For now...I'm off to bed, once again hearing the rain on the roof, but too tired to read.

NaBloPoMo. Driving JCK to write poorly at best because she's such a friggin' goody two shoes...

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  1. Can I just say, be thankful it's not you AND GIRL--been there, done that and don't want to do it again.

    I hope she's okay to eat your (sure to be) delicious stuffing tomorrow.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

  2. I've lost count of how many holidays we lived through with at least one kid puking or pooping every 30 minutes. I hope she wakes up feeling better and you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  3. I don't have a sick kid (sorry for you :( ), but I did mutter/bark "FUCK" at least 4 times while making pies tonight.

    Hey, happy Thanksgiving! :D


  4. I'm thinking of you and sending you good slightly constipating thoughts! Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, JCK! Hope you are all feeling good today and have a great holiday.

  6. Ick, hope she is feeling better! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  7. In my personal's not a good day unless you have had the opportunity to spit out a really good f word or 2....especially wehn they are really called for. Happy turkey day to all of you!

  8. When my kids were really little, we had some nasty something every Thanksgiving weekend. It was a FUCK muttering event; I know.

    Hope today was calmer.


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