Friday, July 13, 2007

My GOD it was a red ant FIESTA

Fire ants are not my friend. In fact, any substance/creature that tends to cause burning and itching seems to find me and dig in. Ants, poison oak, poison ivy, add to the list what you will. Our visit to Wakulla Springs was apparently a bit more lively than originally planned. Upon arrival to the park, after the cars had finished disgorging all of us and there was much milling around, my mom decided that it would be a prime time to take a group picture. Although a fine idea, by this time I had noticed red ants everywhere. We were surrounded so to speak. Red ants in the grass, red ants on the weather beaten picnic tables, red ants climbing, circling, leering. My God it was a red ant fiesta.

So, while mom sashayed over to any stranger that looked friendly enough to take our picture, I navigated the field, discreetly trying not to scream, small gasps escaping my lungs. We were all wearing flip flops and sandals - practically an engraved invitation for the RED ARMY. I picked Girl up and prayed that Boy would not decide to stick his foot in a red ant nest. Mom managed to corner a very amenable young father and amateur photographer when what we really needed was a rough and tumble outback bush photographer. But, let's not be picky.

So....the 20 of us assembled into a gathering of sorts whilst I muttered something about watch out for the red ant mutiny. By this time I had noticed there were hordes of ants on the picnic tables. Not a strategic place to sit and pose. My feet had assumed a stomping dance, which instead of keeping the ants away seemed to be a drum call luring them to my toes. As we "cheesed" for the camera, I felt a ripple of multiple stings. Let's just say it hurts. Since I had Girl in my arms and didn't want to add ants to her lengthy, indexed catalogue of FEARS, I bravely sucked it up.

The stinging sensation lasted only a short time. It is the annoying fiery itching lasting several days that has me crazed. And it seems to get worse at night. Right when I'm climbing into bed it starts. Dammit! So, I've been downing Children's Grape flavored chewable Benadryl. By the handful. My teeth are now a slight shade of purple. But...Girl was saved. And Boy was spared. I am a true parent. I sacrificed my toes for God's sake.

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  1. I don't recognize Wakulla Springs, but I sure as hell recognize fire ants! Welcome to the South! (Seriously, they're easier to deal with than psycho grocery shoppers, aren't they?)


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