Sunday, August 5, 2007

Best gelato around - Bulgarini Gelato

Last night's discovery was truly divine. Bulgarini Gelato It is this amazing little slice of what I imagine a gelato shop would be in Italy. Maybe someday I'll get there...In the meantime, I'll be going to Bulgarini Gelato. So many mouth watering flavors. I was boring and had coffee cream, which turned out to be a dream. Boy & Girl were in heaven. Both of them got chocolate gelato. Boy bolted his down and spent the next hour and a half running in the courtyard outside the shop with a friend, and meeting new friends. People were lining up! Girl looked like an ad for Gelato. She savored every morsel and what didn't get into her stomach, she was wearing on her face and shirt and shorts. Our friends invited us and we met new friends and it was actually relaxing. We sat out in the courtyard, tasting gelato, having adult conversation and letting the kids run. Two Friday nights a month they've been serving lasagne and showing a movie on the building's wall in the courtyard. Friday night there were 200 people lined up to attend! I'm so glad to discover you, Bulgarini!

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  1. I loved meeting you and the gang at the gelataria! You're was relaxing! It's so nice to be in an outdoor space where the children can play and romp around at their speed while the mamas and papas can relax and visit at our speed! Though it's location is somewhat surprising (next to Kragens Auto and Rite-Aid), Bulgarini truly is a gem!


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