Friday, August 10, 2007

Big pile of dirt = I've found heaven for a little Boy

We have been consumed this week with a fundraiser for Boy's school. E and another actor friend, who is also a dad of a boy in the same class have spent the last 2 1/2 months rehearsing a play performed tonight and tomorrow night. All proceeds go to benefit the children's center. It is a great cause and all of us involved are really excited about it. We had a good turnout tonight and the show was really well received. I feel sad that there will only be two performances, but it is great to see E in his element. He's really having a blast!

Boy has been very intrigued about the play and is quite put out that he won't get to see it. The play, The Anthill by Phillip Safley, is about two cowboys lost in the desert. A great piece, described as Waiting for Godot meets Of Mice and Men, unfortunately not suitable for little cowboys. We have promised Boy that daddy will perform a special cowboy play just for him.

The play is being performed on the grounds of the playground at Boy's school and an "anthill" has been created out of a big pile of dirt. Big pile of dirt = I've found heaven for a little boy, especially our Boy who on a normal day is covered from head to toe with the stuff. Tonight after the performance, Boy and his friend literally rolled over the "anthill." Imagine if you will... two boys as rolling pins and instead of rolling in flour, they roll in dirt. Again and again and again. Clouds of it billowing in the air, but most staying on their little persons. The role of Pig-Pen will be his if ever he chooses to play it. Somehow I have a suspicion that Boy is going to have the last word on this anthill.

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  1. We loved The Anthill. E and C were fabulous. Didn't think to roll in the dirt following the performance, but will consider doing so next time! Congrats on a successful fundraiser!


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