Sunday, August 12, 2007

Lingering feeling of success

Today we had a good sleep-in after rather a late night last night - celebrating the hard work that went into the fundraiser with the group of us that made things happen. I SO enjoyed being a part of the process and being involved in a theater project again. It had been such a long...time.

Boy was up late racing around our friend's house with two other boys, mad dashes up and down the staircase, in and out of rooms - all with swords. Toy ones. But, even toy ones can put you on edge -especially when you see your son take a whack at another boy's head. Girl was a bit overwhelmed by all the action and decided to share my chair in the living room. It seemed a safe spot until the boys started using it as a climbing boulder in their swordplay. All in a night's fun...

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