Friday, August 17, 2007

Cannonballs with acorns

Did I mention the vacuum blew up? Gave it's last gasping yelp the other day. It was the poor vacuum's time to go. It was old. 9 years? I had just started my monthly white tornado clean-up and it gave up the ghost. Secretly...shhh.. I was thrilled! How lucky can one get! Getting out of cleaning the house when you can actually feel self-satisfied that you were really going to do it this time. Clean that is. And then, after I felt nice and smug I realized that now I'll have to use a broom. OK....and I did use a broom. And a broom really works quite well when you use it.

Today Boy's school was closed for a cleaning and I was unexpectedly caught with two children. All plans had to be reshuffled. I ended up staying off the computer all day and didn't do any work toward getting a job. But, it really felt like a sign to have this unplanned time with both Boy & Girl. So, we played. I filled up our kiddie pool and we chucked a bunch of random toys in there - firetrucks, trains, sand pails... and did "cannonballs" with acorns. Anything can be used to do a cannonball. Small or Big. People, toys, strange objects. The only rule is that you must yell, CANNONBALL! every time you throw something that splashes. It was really fun and I felt in the moment for the first time in a while. Not that you can be much out of the moment with little children, but your mind can drift and wander and, and... problem solve - yeah, right.

It's been really hot, around 100 degrees so it felt great to get wet. We were all wiped out and I even got Boy to take a nap, which was fabulous. We were like falling bowling pins...first Boy, then Girl, then Me. God, I needed the time to just crash. I'm so drained from all this thinking, thinking, thinking. Just shut-up already brain. And then it starts up again.

Tonight ended with us taking a walk with the kids and dogs after dinner and we stopped at some friends', sat down and had a drink - kids played. It was good. And so another day goes by and I'm that much closer to both children being in school and some job out there is beckoning to me, but I haven't yet discovered what it will be.

Oh! And the picture above of the woman with the kids. So NOT me!

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