Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fundraiser a success!

The fundraiser was a wonderful success! We raised almost $2,000 in just 2 performances. The show was very well received and has generated some thought of future performances in another venue for profit! I was SO proud of E's performance and most of all ...all the love and heart that went into it for a great cause!

There was free childcare offered to parents and about 15 minutes into the show I noticed that Boy had escaped the childcare fortress and was struck dumb watching his daddy perform. Before he "woke up" and realized that he could run onto the stage, I maneuvered him back into the childcare. It took about 20 minutes of much wailing and moaning about wanting to see Daddy's play and my promising him a special performance later that evening until he calmed down. Then he was on to playing with the toys. But, I couldn't relax the rest of the time and kept vigil down the hall, making sure that there were no further escapes! Forget stage nerves for the performance! I had better things to be worried about...

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