Friday, August 24, 2007

Hey, I think we've covered all the bodily fluids this week!

I'm starting to look like Mother Teresa... without the head shawl. I need to get a haircut. Desperately.

This morning as I was cleaning vomit off the kitchen floor, I thought of my girlfriends who are getting away this weekend for our annual Ladies Weekend away. Away from kids, away from husbands, duties and yes, away from spew. But, alas, I was not away from spew and am here where Boy obviously needs me. Yes, unfortunately, Boy had a stomach virus this morning and we had several bouts of disgorgement. I felt terrible for him. He's amazingly in touch with his body for such a little guy. He told me his stomach hurt and that he was going to throw up and I, sensitive mother that I am, thought that he was exaggerating. Obviously, I was WRONG! Sooo WRONG in fact that I received vomitus on my bare feet. What a wondrous way to wake up!

Boy is now fine. He was running, jumping and shoveling in food by this evening. These kids are fine-tuned machines. Immediate recovery. And, me... well, I'm still recovering from all of it. Girl's head trauma, poop explosions and now vomit. Hey, I think we've covered all the bodily fluids this week!! How exciting! Do you think I could win some kind of contest? Probably not. But, maybe I could start the Blood, Shit & Vomit Club. I'll call it BSV! It has a certain Twang to it!

Hey ladies! I hope that you're having a shot of tequila for me!

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