Monday, August 13, 2007

quench me! quench me!

There is that which burns
within me...
a liquid fire dripping
wildly on my skin.

My legs itch to wrap
flesh warm and red
hot to the touch.

I lie with these thoughts
denied sleep or rest
...the lust licking its
way across my body.

Tonight I shall dine
on...him, greedily
my lover who comes
to me in shadows.

Shivers of ecstacy
the brush of his forearm nipples
taunting them into rose, hard peaks.

Titilliation, a hoarse cry
echoing through my core
quench me! quench me!
slake my fire with yours...

***Painting: "Awaiting" by Zoe Hadley

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  1. Is it getting a little warm in here or is it just you?

    So how was your night, dear?

    Very nice!

  2. Very nice!! Now I'm all distracted.

  3. Good gloriowski, woman! I shouldn't read your blog in the morning. I may have to call the Mountain Man home from work. People will talk.

  4. Hubby just left for work and you have me read this?! Why, why, woman? Very nice. Your hubby is a lucky guy.

  5. I wasn't anticipating pg-13 today. Hmm. I need to fan myself.

  6. I wasn't anticipating pg-13 today. Hmm. I need to fan myself.

  7. WOWZA!!!

    And I LOVE that picture BTW~

  8. Oh dear... my poor husband has been gone since last Saturday and won't be home until late tomorrow... what a poem.. should I warn him?


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