Sunday, August 19, 2007

Things we never want to go through with our children - otherwise known as a trip to the ER

Well, we can file today under Things We Never Want To Go Through With Our Children. Just got back from the ER where we spent the last 4 hours with Girl, who ended up with 4 stitches in her forehead. Somehow, I always thought it would be Boy to win "the first one to have stitches contest."

We were on our way out to the Y to go swimming. She was racing toward the front door, tripped and landed, apparently in a perfect position for opening up her forehead. Luckily we were there right away. It was a big THUMP. And the blood wasn't dripping or even pouring down her forehead it was GUSHING out - as in GEYSER. Blood friggin' everywhere. I've never seen so much blood. Well, maybe when I gave birth, but basically I was spared seeing that - that was at the other end. Thank GOD if this had to happen E was home! And I feel very grateful that I stay calm in these situations. Not that I want to keep having them. It was strange. Almost like looking down a long tunnel. Everything was in slow motion. I knew exactly what we had to do. I needed a wet compress to staunch the flow. Boy needed to be brought to a friend across the street and we needed to leave immediately to the ER.

There was NO WAY she could sit in her car seat. First of all, the blood was still flowing and I needed to keep her semi-horizontal. And, there was no way on earth that I was going to sit up front and have her in her car seat. She was in my lap. Sorry, Highway Patrol & Angry Mothers Alliance for Child Safety in Motor Vehicles. (Yes, I made that up, but it could exist.) Girl was in my lap and she was staying. I didn't want to be a breath away from her.

We got to the ER at our local hospital and after about 30 minutes, the blood had stopped flowing, but still needed compression. We were given strips of gauze and an ice pack. Then waited 2 1/2 hours before we saw the Physician's Assistant. She was very nice and explained in detail what would have to be done. The wound - excuse me, laceration was minor but because of the angle would require stitches as well as the super glue stuff that they use these days. This would be "the best cosmetic outcome." She told us that some of her colleagues bind children up in a straight jacketesque maneuver, which she was against as she felt that the children experienced even more of a feeling of a loss of control. We agreed. She left to be right back and we saw her maybe... 30 more minutes later. The wait was just excruciating.

I explained to Girl all that would occur. There would be an initial needle that would be a prick.
Will it hurt, Mommy?
Yes, it will hurt a little bit, sweetie. But, it won't hurt as much as it did when you hit your head. (Here's hoping...) Then the lady will put a few stitches in your owwie and close it up - just like when Ma'Mai sewed up Boy's Spotty (stuffed animal dog.) Then after she gets the stitches in, she'll do the super dooper glue and we'll be able to go home.
There will be a needle?
Yes, sweetie.
And it will hurt?
Yes. Then it won't hurt anymore and we can go home.
Yes, that is right.

So the PA returned. Her assistant held girl's head. I sat right next to her on the cot, holding her hand. The needle hurt. The numbing fluid went into her skin like inflating a balloon. It was horrible to watch and Girl cried and called for me and E was patting her and I was hugging her and it sucked. Then after the numbing agent took effect and something resembling a fish hook was inserted into her forehead to pull stitches through, she started to calm and we talked about going to a birthday party tomorrow and she went into this whole monologue about what she was going to do and what kind of birthday cake there would be and she just blew us all away. She just slayed us. I couldn't even look at E. I knew he was wrecked.

And now we keep her from being really active. Ha Ha. The glue should start peeling off in 5-7 days. The stitches are dissolvable. We need to wake her up twice tonight to make sure she is OK. Keep her wound protected from the sun for a while. I wish the Physician's Assistant had had some instructions on how we can get back the many years that we aged as parents today. Nope. Just have to take a deep breath and realize we've definitely earned our fine lines and silver streaks.

She's not even 3 and she's teaching us about grace and bravery. That's our Girl.

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