Thursday, August 23, 2007

Walking to a different drummer

Boy looks at the world through a different lens, a varied kaleidoscope of changing hues. We all do in our own ways, yet he really seems to walk to a different drummer. He is not a follower. He is an explorer. We often use that overused phrase, he "thinks outside the box" to describe him. Yet, it is so true.

Something that I find fascinating is that he cannot tell that his shoes are on the wrong feet. He puts them on, runs, plays and when it is pointed out to him that they are on the wrong feet - he still doesn't see it. He looks down at his shoes and they look right to him. Nothing is off. Once he does the trade and they are on the right feet, I can ask him, does this feel more comfortable? And he might say, yes or he might not. He puts his pants on backwards a lot, too. I could choose to worry about this, but I won't too much. I'm going to be grateful that for today, at least, he's got bigger things to think about. Like making his mom nutty.

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