Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My nose resembles Niagara Falls

I've got the cold from hell. Gushing, flooding - the kind of cold that makes you wish you had bought stock in Kleenex. That airplane food must have been reeling with germs...lovely. Just lovely. My nose resembles Niagara Falls, but not as beautiful. What a way to get settled back into the home routine. NOT! OK, I AM feeling just a BIT sorry for myself.

E took over tonight. I managed to cook dinner and then waved the white flag and retired to the bedroom placing myself into horizontal mode. Boy kept coming in and launching himself onto the bed, which really helped the HUGE headache, let me tell you. He did make up for it by making me laugh:

I'm SO sick, Mommy.

I have to take a nap with you.

I have a very, very, very bad cold.

Girl just kept coming in and looking at me curiously. Like I was an alien creature. She's not used to seeing me being still or looking so pitiful. Well... pitiful yeeeess, sometimes, at the end of those crazy days. Except that crazy days seem to be the norm around here. So we better say she's not used to seeing me so still. Pitiful, just pitiful...WAAAAAHHH!

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