Friday, August 3, 2007

Please exit quickly with hands over face, so you will not be recognized on future visits!

At the risk of sounding purely monotonous, I will risk it. Girl had what could only be described as a Grande Mal Seizure TantruMundo of GARGANTUAN proportions. It was this morning. First thing. Having not gotten over my head cold/virus, basically feeling like CRAP, my ears and head were certainly not prepared for the BELLOWING and SHRIEKING that issued out of her tiny (apparently not that tiny) lungs. She's got pipes. I'll give her that. And what was it all about, you may ask. Cereal. She didn't like the way it looked. She whined. I told her whining was unacceptable. She BLEW. Like a smokestack. She was so ENRAGED that she couldn't even get the words out. It seems we were to expect something out of the Exorcist or perhaps just the Tasmanian Devil. Before her head started spinning, I had to retire her to her room for "quiet contemplation" -HA! Such caterwauling & banging on door ensued that I was afraid the neighbors would call 911. I wish there was a Mommy 911. I could have used it. As a matter of fact, I could use it just about every day. Once she wound down, she immediately wanted me to pick her up so that she could snuggle into my neck and I was filled with such incredible love for my little Girl. It was delicious and indescribable. This psycho behavior exhibited & only felt by a Mommy can be expected to be quite normal. The rest of the day was very pleasant. She seemed to have blossomed into a delightful little flower. Perhaps I hadn't watered her enough? Or, maybe she is just ....almost 3!

Boy was very proud of the necklace he made at school. He laced it himself and the beads were little footballs, baseballs and soccer balls. Look, Mommy, Look! he proudly shouted as he came barreling into the house, covered from head to toe with dirt. How cool is that, Boy! Did you get to play in the mud trench today? I asked. Noooo...said with grave seriousness. There was noooo water.... Poor Boy, just plain ol' dirt today. Other than that sad tale, he seemed to have had a good day. E picked him up from school so that I could catch a bit more rest to get over this hellish virus. Bless E for taking over the last couple of days. It's been rough.

Tomorrow the kids want to hit the library. No, no weaponry or robbing of librarians. Just go, sit at the computer and listen to a story, pick out books and special movies. I will go over the Library Code of Ethics before we enter:
  1. Whisper
  2. Keep hands to yourself
  3. No whining, shrieking or loud grunts
  4. Please and Thank you to the Librarians
  5. If any of the above rules are broken, please exit quickly with hands over face so you will not be recognized on future visits.

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  1. Love the blog! So nice to know we're in your hood and look forward to a playdate or outing soon!


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