Monday, September 17, 2007

Aging Americans Requesting Pampers

Some days this would strike me as funny. Today it does NOT. I have been contacted by AARP to register with them. They even sent me a card. THE AARP FOR GOD'S SAKE! Excuse me for shouting, but I am far from AMUSED. Our records show that you haven't yet registered for the benefits of AARP membership, even though you are fully eligible. FULLY ELIGIBLE!! They are only 4 years TOO EARLY. OK, perhaps I'm being a bit oversensitive. I turn 46 on Wednesday and was feeling, really, not bad at all about it. Now however, I'm having to actually reflect on my age. I looked AARP up on the free dictionary online - as I didn't know what it stood for - other than - you're really friggin' old! And look at the picture above! The picture is from the free online dictionary, too - under their definition of AARP. Let's face it, the couple looks feeble at best. AARP...mmmm, Aging Americans Requesting Pampers? Nope. It is officially the American Association For Retired Persons. I guess that sounds better. Maybe. It still shouts YOU'RE OLD! Just when I was feeling pretty good about not feeling old... Oh, well...there goes THAT. What goes around comes around and I was just teasing E the other day about his receiving the same letter from AARP, except it seemed much funnier. And not quite a stretch - chronologically speaking, as he turns the big 50 on Saturday! Go, E Go! I will NEVER make fun of him AGAIN...grumble, grumble. Well, never say never. Last time I said never it was about driving a minivan...and there you go. Looks like this day is going to be full of humble pie eatin'.

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  1. Happy Birthday! Today is our little one's birthday too! You are beautiful and vibrant so just eat up your glory today! We have a saying on birthdays: wiser and sexier!! Here's to yoU!

  2. Happy B-day! You make 46 look like 26! Really! And E too!

  3. Flatterers, flatterers..and I'll suck up EVERY lovely flattery. More, more...just kidding. Thank you for the kind words and cheery greetings!

    Happy Birthday to your little precious girl, Shandy.


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