Friday, September 28, 2007

How did they get here? Little people.

Tonight I saw BOY & GIRL through a wall of glass. Outside looking in. They were finishing up their dessert and I was coming in from feeding the dogs their dinner. I looked at BOY, his hand guiding the spoon back and forth between his mouth and the bowl of yogurt. And GIRL, who is messier, was using both fingers and spoon and still managed to have half of the bowl on her face and shirt. I looked at them and saw... little people. How did they get here? Little people. They were just babies and now we have little ... people. As I watched them I was full, replete, nourished, complete - just totaled . These small children. These little people are teaching me about life. Maybe life in a bowling alley at times - after all, my pins are known to go down. Yet, they teach me about small moments. And about love and my capacity for it. An endless capacity. Being their mommy is for today the role of a lifetime. And it is a blessed one. And the best part? Right now. Because after I type the last word here, I get to go whisper good night and kiss their impossibly soft cheeks. And that is enough.

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