Monday, September 10, 2007

It is worth waiting for...

My mother's always right. Well, almost always right. And that's OK, because it usually is about important stuff.

It is worth waiting for .... (fill in the blank with just about anything.) It is not worth pushing it.

I am SO glad that I waited to start Girl in preschool until now. She is ready. She just is. This morning she might as well have said, SEE YA! when I dropped her off. When I picked her up, her face was covered with dirt. She couldn't wait to show me all the stuff on her hook, Look what I did! Look what I made! And of course, she had to describe the snacks they had today.

It fills me with joy to see both of my children loving school and the stimulation it provides. God knows, the stimulation I provide these days is half-baked, at best. Kind of like my cooking come to think of it....

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  1. Going to school/pre-school is such a big deal. My friends who have school/pre-school age children all seem to be singing similar tunes. School is a major adjustment...for the children and the parents. I'm glad to hear that your bright-eyed beauty is having a good time filling her hook with fun projects. And I hope that you are doing well with the adjustments too!
    My daughters are unusually cranky since going back to preschool. Our household is pretty low-key in terms of busy-ness during the summertime. We do activities and go on adventures, but with long periods of quiet play and rest in between. I think that the full schedule of preschool must be wearing them out.

    Hugs to you and your family!


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