Sunday, September 23, 2007

Scoring bunk beds on Craig's list

Well, we got bunk beds! Gotta love that Craig's List! They were brand new in the box, never used. And they are spindle beds. Really cool.

E opened up the boxes today to lay everything on the floor, check to make sure all the parts were there, etc. Thank GOD for a husband who can put things together and build. Man, can he build. At least he does that for other people. To be fair, it is not like he has a lot of extra time to be building for us. He does have a life of building...for other people.

So, he's opening up the boxes:

He said: Loo it...loOK it, LOUk ...GOD, I can't even talk. I've got Alzheimer's.

She said: You don't have Alzheimer's, E. You have OLD TIMERS. (Guffaw. Belly laugh. HAHAHA.)

He said: You think you're funny?

She said: Yes, I do actually. Best joke I've ever told sadly enough.

Later, after examining all the pieces:

He says: You know, I'm just not sure BOY is ready for a bunk bed.

(She says to herself; You're going to express your reservations, now??? !!)

He says: You know the way he gets up at night. He could fall on the hard floor.

She says: It has a rail all around, E. It's just open at the ladder.

He says: Up and down the ladder? During the night. I'm just not sure.

Great, just great. Apparently I'm inciting danger.

He says: Do you know anyone else who has a 4 year old in a bunk bed?

She says: No. BUT, I did talk to my friends about it and they don't think I'm crazy. (At least, not crazier than usual.)

I think E found that not too reassuring. It didn't help that there's a WARNING in booming letters stating: never let a child under 6 years old up on the top bunk. I did know about that warning. When I was researching twin beds, I found that warning pretty much everywhere. I'm really hoping that they have to put that warning on in this age of political correctness and going overboard on child safety. After all, how did we survive as children with danger lurking everywhere... play pens with bars, bunk beds without rails, see saws, jungle gyms, walking to school...all considered horrifying today. Oh, I hope I'm right....

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