Sunday, September 30, 2007

I don't think I can count chocolate as the 5th food group

OK, my consumption of chocolate is veering on the totally out of control side of the issue. Yes, I'm afraid it is an issue. Of major proportions. After all, having chocolate instead of meals is just not all that healthy. Some chocolate is good. Very good. I'm not talking about the taste. That is always good. No, I'm talking about the volume. Some chocolate is good. For you. For ME. It's good psychologically, physically...well, maybe that's a slight stretch, but I do get that flush/rush that races through my skin. Something akin to an ... Yes, I'm afraid so. I know. I've got serious problems. Hey at least I'm admitting to them.

I admitted I was powerless over chocolate and I ... Sorry, Bill. Not ready to give up the ol' chocolat, yet. Chocolate helps. Chocolate helps a lot. When I'm stressed. When I'm just not willing to face things. When I'm happy. Hell, it helps in any circumstance. Some have their wine, their shot of tequila. I have my chocolate. Which brings me back to the original point which is... I'm eating too much of it. My pants are starting to hug my legs a bit too tightly and the tummy ain't what it used to be baby. Nope. I used to have built in exercise with BOY. Sprinting after him all day long plus the constant lifting of both BOY and GIRL gave me awesome arms and kept me in good shape. Well decent. But, alas, they are a bit older now (the kids! well, yes my arms, too) and less impulsive and well...the chocolate is showing. And my appetite for IT seems to be growing. And GROWING. And, truthfully, I think that chocolate is actually stalking me. Not the other way around. Yes, stalking ME. I mean, how can you explain how it finds me every time? Every time. I call that stalking.

I don't always succeed in hiding it.

No, you cannot have this chocolate, BOY. This is Mommy's chocolate.

But, I want chalkolot. I NEED chalkolot.

It appears that the need for chalkolot is contagious. I'm going to have to work on my needs. I don't think I can count chocolate as the 5th food group, but I'm sure going to try. I better polish off this Symphony bar right here and now. I sure don't want it stalking BOY in the morning. I need to protect him from the chalkolot stalker.

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