Wednesday, September 12, 2007


About once a month E gets on a cleaning tangent in the kitchen. I am very appreciative. After all, we might as well share the wealth of dirt and grime. Believe me, there is plenty to go around. So... while E was on his cleaning binge, I was monitoring the little hooligans in the bathroom. BOY decided he wanted to take a shower tonight. A shower! Great idea. Much less work for me - basically just stick 'em in it and the dirt rolls off and goes down the drain. I'm in! Then GIRL, decided she wanted a shower, too. This was a first for her. Man, was I getting lucky tonight. Well that's another story, not to be told here. Anyway... kids had fun. They were showered, patted down, and in their PJ's in lightning speed. I'm trying a new technique - having them race each other to get dressed. It is GREAT! It works most of the time. Gotta love that sibling rivalry - especially when the advantage is for MOI.

GIRL was picking out bedtime stories and BOY was thirsty, so he and I went into the kitchen. The sparkle off the stove top was almost blinding. E had been on a rampage.

Look, I said, Daddy has been a white tornado!

Daddy's a WHITE TOMATO! shouted BOY.

And so it goes with children.... your accomplishments, much admired by your wife are reduced to comparisons with garden vegetables. Although I believe that white tomatoes are rather rare and much valued. Now if I could just get E to go on a rampage in the bathroom....

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  1. Good for you! If you can come up with strategy to teach my 2 year old Peep that showers ain't to be feared, drop me a line! :)

  2. I know! It was a golden moment. It WILL happen to Peep. And better yet, for YOU! :) GIRL is just turning 3 in a week and this was her very first shower. She has hated the idea up until now. This summer we took a lot of outdoor showers at the beach and she always shrieked through them!

    We did go through a loooong period (10 days) a few months ago with BOY in which he was absolutely terrified of the bath. It was a little freaky as he'd always loved the water. Any water. Suddenly, overnight, he was afraid of the drain, and even a speck of dirt floating in the water [it had come off of him!] Believe it or not...the "You can never go down the drain" song by Mr. Rogers helped. Even sung off-key! Good luck & hang in.


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