Saturday, September 22, 2007

E celebrates the big 5 OH replete with Cinderella decorations

Today we had multiple celebrations. A birthday party for GIRL with friends and family and today was E's 50th birthday. He decided to go for a Cinderella theme. Well, not really, but he was overruled by GIRL. After all she is 3.

It was a pretty good day considering the rainy season made its debut. E slept in until about 6:30am. BOY was up and raring to go around 5:30am and while GIRL continued to snooze, the rain poured down and poured and kept pouring. It was a friggin' monsoon. We were expecting a big crowd at 11am. We have a small house. OK, not much you can do about it, let's just roll with it. Around 6:45am the roof started to leak in the playroom. Furniture was moved, towels thrown on the floor, and the rain continued to pound down; the dripping water pinging into pots set strategically under the steady streams of water. There's been a drought. We needed the rain. But, do we need it TODAY? Apparently we do. The rain started to settle down to a steady drizzle and then about 9am, the sun burst through the clouds and it looked like we could do an indoor/outdoor party once again. Yeah!

And we did and it was a blast. A zillion children, cake everywhere and contented tummies. Great friends, family from out of town, all gathered. I put a photo collage up representing different milestones along the road to 50 for E. And then after everyone left I gave him a book of letters that had been written to him from friends and family. We capped the evening off by going out to dinner just the two of us, childcare provided by a dear friend. We lingered over salad with sauteed shrimp, buffalo mozzarella & tomatoes drizzled with vinaigrette and fresh basil, and 2 steak au poivre dinners. The Cinderella decorations might now be droopy, but we're holding up pretty damn well. Happy Birthday, E! You've still got that certain THANG.

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