Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I did manage to have a pretty good birthday

WHOOP DEEE DOOO! Well, another birthday has passed and I'm that much more brilliant, witty and all around ageless. Yeah, and I've got a load of ... to sell you. Hey, I'm trying here! I did manage to have a pretty good birthday at least on the tail end. GIRL's birthday being tomorrow, it is all about HER. And I didn't realize having children meant it is not all about me anymore. Silly Me.

It is actually fun having birthdays so close together. Today me, tomorrow GIRL and Saturday is E's 50th. GIRL is really excited about her birthday this year. We made cupcakes for her class yesterday afternoon and it was really fun to bring them today. Somehow the simple act of making cupcakes for her class birthday celebration was one of those moments where I was SO conscious of being a Mommy. I was in the moment and feeling the mommy vibes. It was lovely.

The only tough part is trying to explain to a little BOY why all of us have birthdays this week except him. Now, that is a reasonable thing to explain to a 3 year old! Yeah. He's hanging in there. I did let him "help" me unwrap my presents.

Mommy, can I help?

Is this one for ME?

Is this one for ME?

Is this one for ME? - You get the picture.

After GIRL was in bed, we set BOY up with a movie and E cooked me dinner. It was awesome. Big ol' Ribeye with new potatoes and acorn squash topped with marmalade and cinnamon. Yummy! We sat down with some red wine and actually had a dinner together. And a conversation. For 30 minutes! Whooaaa Nelly!

And so it is 9ish and I'm dropping these bones creak, creak into bed; nourished by the ones I love and the ones who love me. I am blessed and oldER.

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