Friday, September 7, 2007

Personally, I've never forgotten about a chocolate stash in my life

I need Valium and FAST. Buckets of it!!! I have had the worst possible day on earth. Well I guess it could have been worse than dealing with our cell phone company for an hour and having to go exchange a phone that was the wrong phone, and going through piles of paperwork -making a dent - only to spill about a gallon of water all over the desk, papers and keyboard. Oh, yes! My plan to have hours of time to get things done turned into what I get done when my children are at home - with interruptions. OK, deep breath...

I just feel very fragile today. I almost burst into tears at least a half dozen times. I think I need to slooow down. Hence the call for Valium. Any takers, distributers out there? Just kidding! Somehow I don't want to imagine an inebriated, although much more relaxed, self showing up to pick Boy & Girl up at school this afternoon. No, I better take some deep breaths and chill. Easier said than done. Thank GOD I had some chocolate nearby. It was duly needed. And when I was cleaning the piles of paperwork off the desk I came across a secret stash of Hershey's chocolate in a baggie. Well??? It certainly was NOT mine. Which means that hubby is holding out on me. E, the secret chocolate stasher, I never would have guessed. I'm sure it is not as full of intrigue as I make it out to be. Most likely he was eating it a while ago, put it aside and has forgotten about it. Personally, I've never forgotten about a chocolate stash in my life.

It's going to be absolutely divine once I have this office in order. I'll find things that have been missing for years - even, Pre-Kiddos. The only scary part about that is then I'll have to do something with the stuff...

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