Tuesday, September 4, 2007

You are the Boss of your Bowl

Today I told Boy that he was the Boss of his Bowl. I was trying a new technique, suggested by a friend.

Mr. Boss. Mr. Boss!

I'm not Mr. Boss. [giggle, giggle]

Yes, you are. You are the Boss of your Bowl.

No, I'm not! [Big smile]

Mr. Boss you are in charge of your bowl. Please take it into the kitchen and put it on the counter.


Yes, Mr. Boss. You are in CHARGE. You are the Boss.

Alas, it did not work...
My previously helpful little Guy has become all about NO!

Girl, however latched on to the idea like a baby on her last bottle.

Mommy, can you call me Mrs. Boss.

O.K., Mrs. Boss, please pick out the clothes you'd like to wear today.

O.K., Mommy.

Thank you, Girl.

No, call me Mrs. Boss.

Oh, yes... Mrs. Boss.
How could I forget? After all she is the Boss. But, don't tell her I said that.

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