Thursday, March 13, 2008

Aaah...well, my life as a romance novelist was not to be

It was one of those long, lazy afternoons. The sun beat down on us and little beads of sweat trickled across his bare chest. I sat on the blanket, with my toes digging in the warm sand, a bunch of grapes dangling from my fingertips -taunting him as they brushed across his lips...teasing, teasing. Suddenly he pulled me down, rolling me under him and kissing me, searing me with his hot mouth. Then, he stopped. He reached out, lightly brushing the hair out of my face and said...

You know, years ago, I used to dream of being a romance novelist. I imagined myself conjuring up episodes of bold, breathless, love between Brianna and ...can't remember now...was it Mustang? No, that can't be right. I have pages of scribbled notes somewhere. Aaah...well, my life as a romance novelist was not to be. And you can see why....

However, I will always be a sucker for romance, whether it be by novel, film or in my life. You just have to find it, make it or act as if you've got it and when you do usually .....oh MY GOD, it is time for LOST!!! Sawyer, I'm coming, baby.... the time slot is all YOURS!

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  1. Mustang.

    You owe me new underwear and an upholstery cleaning, since I just lost all control of my bladder.

  2. too too funny! I always had visions of being the new "nora", but alas, I use way, way too many words to express a simple thought to ever be an author!!

  3. Yes, I'd take a Sawyer over a Mustang, anyday.

  4. You are too funny! Have you thought of writing a romantic comedy? It could be a movie and maybe Sawyer could play the lead....
    Thanks for your great comments!

  5. sawyer! sayid (spell?)!!! jin!! I love the men of Lost. favorite show.

  6. Since no one else has snapped up Mustang, can I have him? A girl could always use a good searing.

    Don't sell yourself short, though. But you might want to start thinking of a good pen name. That's a lot to explain at a dinner party.

  7. You crack me up! Those romance novels are so corny - I can't believe I used to read them. Don't waste your time on that trash - huh! Trash! I do think you are a good writer, though.

  8. Yeah, I'm not sure your romance novelist career is so far-fetched...The paragraph you wrote is far more palatable than much of the stuff I've perused.

    And Sawyer? Smokin hot. I might learn to love the water for that one. Thank you for the eye candy!

  9. I got all weak-kneed when I saw the Captain of "the boat."


  10. How did I miss this post!?

    Oh, yeah, Sawyer baby. The bad boy fantasies are there even when we choose the good father with the 401k.


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