Saturday, April 19, 2008



Last night when you left
your blaze on my lips
I did but taste of
the nectar you offered.

Your mouth...
I wanted to sip upon,
to drown in,
it's sweet softness.

Instead, I savor
the deep, steady rhythm
of your body's drum
calling, calling...

And tonight, as I slide my body
under the sheets of my bed alone
I think of your body, of you,
and know...

That to slowly sip,
to let my belly grow warm
with a stoked, burning fire
is but an appetizer
of the feast to come...

Written in 1993
For my beloved E - a few weeks after we started dating.

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  1. Oh, my! I'll be taking a cold shower now.


  2. Wow, you were struck from the start!

  3. Oh, lord. It's too early for this. I'll have to remind myself to come back and re-read tonight when I have a glass of wine in hand...

  4. I agree with a mom two boys--I need to wake up and read this later with some nice red wine.
    So you knew it was HIM pretty quickly ;)
    Again, you are gifted!

  5. And THAT is why he married you, the lucky lucky guy.

  6. Note to self who wants to keep bar relatively low:

    Don't ever let husband find Motherscribe's blog on my computer screen.

  7. Whoa. You rock the love poetry thing.


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