Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm sure it does feel like a betrayal, and I am sorry...

Books on my Bedside Table?

We need to talk.

You may have noticed that I've been a bit preoccupied. Well, there's really no easy way to say this ...I've met something else.

How long has this been going on, you ask?

Well...almost a year.

I know. I KNOW! I just couldn't help myself. At first the liaisons were just at night, but soon I was doing it in broad daylight. It makes me feel so alive, so electric! I've never really experienced anything like this before.

That may sound new agey to you, but it's true, dammit!

I'm sure it does feel like a betrayal, and I am sorry... But, I've fallen in love.

Yes, it has a name. Not a very attractive one, but one that excites me. It is called...BLOGGING.

It's all encompassing, addictive, and ...

O.K., yes, I've let a few things slide.

Including you. Yes, you're right.

But, all those years? When I was digging into your stories and avoiding looking at my own? Well, now I'm looking and writing my own stories and it feels delicious.

I do miss you. Really, I do.

I remember.

Remember when you and I would nestle in for a good cozy read? The feel of your pages beneath my fingers, the scent of crisp paper, and the anticipation of all those lovely words. You transported and inspired me. We lay abed for hours... Sometimes you were my courtesan, sometimes my swain...

Perhaps it's just a phase, perhaps not.

I know it is a lot to ask, but I hope you'll wait for me.

You've been a loyal paramour all these years. For as long as I can remember. Forever and a day. And I still desire you, want you in my life, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to relegate you to concubine status.

Don't despair, my love. You'll get the most exciting part of me. I'll get to complain to you about how much Blogging expects of me, how drained and spent I feel. You'll be my light-o'-love. My paramour.

It may not be fair, but you DO know that I am the Chatelaine of this Castle, and you...after all, are my doxy. Well, maybe that does sound a little butchy, but I'm the one holding the whip!

You're obviously upset. You are!

Of course, you are entitled to these feelings. But, I'm just being honest with you.

O.K., if that's how you feel.

Fine, we'll give each other some space. A little breathing room. I just hope that you'll see in time that I'll always come back.

I have to go now. Blogging calls. But, just remember...I crawl into bed next to you every night. And it is you that I look at just before I turn out the light. It is you...

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  1. books? what are books? the best i can do is Lucky mag.

  2. I'm married to blogging these days, but I have a few brief affairs with books. I'm determined to reach the climax of the book I'm currently reading. :-)

    (Hey, it's not like you've never used that word on your blog...)

  3. he he he.

    maybe my bedside books should go on a date with your bedside books. hey, we're a swingin' couple, why not?

  4. During my blogging hiatus, I read each night in CA when my kids passed out in the hotel.

    It was a joyous reunion...

  5. blogging has been cheating on you with me.

    I'm sorry.

  6. OMG, I just had to admit to my 3 year book group that I just can't get through the books anymore! For me, it is that my computer lover has taken over the early evening hours and I try to read and end up falling asleep with a book on my chest and my glasses can imagine how hubbie feels about all of this!

  7. I think all the books of bloggers will soon get together and form their own "first wives scorned by their lovers" club. I know mine would join yours.


  8. I have been horrible about reading too--I used to just devour books now not so much. My replacement was a screaming baby--blogging is so much more fun ;)

  9. At least you wrote them a letter; you could have just sent an I.M.!

  10. Nicely done!

    I used to think nothing would come between me and my beloved books. I was wrong.

  11. I can still get turned on by my books, but it takes so much LONGER . . .

  12. I was just thinking about this the other evening. I used to go through two or three books a it takes two or three weeks per book. Hmmmmm... Overall I think it is a good thing, but every once in awhile nothing beats a good book. Even blogging. Did I just type that???

  13. No wonder your books are heartbroken! They're remembering how you would come to bed after a margarita.

  14. mmmm.. I was neglecting my books for a while too, but now I am back to my nightly liasons. And my blogs are getting ignored.
    I have to tell you, your readers are very happy that your are doing this instead!

  15. Very funny!

    I too miss books. The only good thing about books vs. blogging is that books are easier to read on the bus.

  16. This was so funny (and Rima's comment made me laugh too!). I know only too well about this love affair you speak of - only too well!!

    Have a good evening J - see ya - Kellan

  17. After your last post, I have the feeling reading isn't exactly what is on your mind when you hop into bed these days. I'm just sayin'

  18. is this the new way on expressing your emotions? talking with a book?
    i see some people do it.

  19. The thing that's been most neglected as a result of my blogging is my TV.

    Well, and my children.

  20. You could compromise and read a book about blogging.....

  21. does your hubby ever complain about how much you love 'books' more than him...or am I jumping to conclusion, maybe you don't...

    well but its sure hard to divide your love between 'book', 'bloggin' and the man of your life, ya? Wow, this is extra pressure to a already-stressful woman life....*wink*


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