Friday, April 11, 2008

Nothing like planning ahead for your 5 year old birthday party

The other night as BOY was about to fall asleep he started planning his birthday party. He talks about it everyday. It is next November...

Mommy, I want you to come to my 5 year old birthday party. There will be light sabers, trumpets, swords, light sabers, saxophones, light sabers, tubas and presents.

Sounds like my kind of party. I'm definitely in!

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  1. Well, just so there are light sabers. What always cracked me up was how the preschool kids I taught would use that ALL the time. "If you don't play what I want, I won't invite you to my birthday party(that was about 8 months away)" Then the waterworks..."WAAAAAHHH!! Emily said that she's not inviting me to her birthday!"

  2. So are there gonna be light sabres?

    It's nice of him to start planning so early.

  3. I think he missed something, like light sabers..oh wait...

  4. sax and trumpets and tubas, oh my .. oh my eardrums, that is! will you be handing out earplugs at the door?

  5. A party of that caliber takes a lot of planning!

  6. The Queen CANNOT know about this party. Or even the idea of this party.

  7. Well, he's giving you time to stock up on the essentials, (light sabres, earplugs etc.)
    Too funny.
    Can you tell it's a boy party? Noise and weapons. What a perfect combo!

  8. Sounds pretty perfect for 5 year old boys! All my boys talk about their birthday almost weekly, Girly talks about Christmas. She is only two, so I think that Christmas is more in her memory than her birthday.
    Have a great weekend!

  9. He's trying to send you a message. It involves light sabers. That is all.

  10. RC's birthday is in two weeks. We now talk about it *hourly*. He's going to be 3 so we're in Pirate mode. Swords, not light sabers. Yet.

  11. It amazes me how I can float around the blogosphere for years and bump into someone who floats around in the same circle and JUST NOW cross paths.

    (ok - that isn't supposed to sound as corny or freaky as it does...)

    I may have missed meeting Bossy, but I'm glad I found your blog. Enjoyed looking around!!

    What brought me over was your lovely gray! I have a ton ton ton of gray and would love to go all gray, but I'm afraid of the in-between.


  12. He forgot to mention your good friend Jack...Daniels.

    Now THAT'S my kinda party!

  13. So sweet. My 11 year old started asking for a cell phone in September, preceding his 12th birthday in July. No. He's not getting one.

  14. Where are you going to rent the tubas?

  15. A Star Wars Musicale! Lovely. I would make it a costume party....=)


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