Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I love her with a fierceness that is primal

One of the things that I adore about my children is their differences. It is such an opportunity for my growth as both a mother and a human being. GIRL has an initial reserve with people. She has a penetrating stare, and is not immediately trustful of others. I like this quality, especially in a girl. She is the perfect companion to take to a tea party. She savors every bite of food and loves all the details in the setting of a table. She is incredibly determined, most especially to do things herself. She will repeat, repeat, repeat until she gets it right. It is very difficult for her if she doesn't "get it right" according to what she thinks "is the right way." She gets a little stuck in thinking there is just one way of doing things. One of the great things about her going to preschool this year has been for her to see that things can be done differently, but often with the same result.

She gives the best hugs in the world, lingering and squeezy. But, she is very clear when she doesn't want to be touched or approached. In our home we call this "needing some space." It is treated with respect whenever possible. She has strong opinions about what she likes and doesn't like. She started picking out her clothes at 16-18 months old. She has dressed herself for a very long time and does it on most days. She is a child who is greatly comforted by routine and repetition. If her Mommy "always" buckles her in her car seat then she gets very thrown if her Daddy tries to help her. Somthing as simple as this can be enough to cause her to go into a very large explosion. She is passionate and extremely articulate. People are always commenting on her articulation and her ability to carry a conversation. She is very competitive with herself and others. This will serve her well in life, but is challenging to her mother.

Her eyes are huge and expressive. Her lips are such a rosy red that it looks as if she has lipstick on. Her cheeks, soft and round, the kind that people would pinch -if they could. I love to dive my nose into those cheeks. And she LOVES to be tickled. "Stop. Stop it...Do it AGAIN, Daddy! DO IT AGAIN!" can be heard here often. She has informed me that "it is Daddy's job to tickle me." Her giggles are addictive. She expects a lot of herself. Too much. She is a magnet. There is something about her... She loves books. She loves to be read to and loves "reading" to herself. Early on she was a quick study and would memorize and read the books aloud. She has long legs and a round little body. Her hair is fine with a hint of a curl on humid days. Brown with lighter highlights, almost like stripes. Her eyes...hazel, ever changing. Sometimes they almost look blue. Usually a shade of green. She is her daddy's "Girly Girl," yet BOY has taken to calling her that himself. GIRL adores BOY, but gets frustrated when he won't do what she wants him to do. She is a boss.

Once her reserve is gone, she is a wild child. Expressive, loud and loose limbed. I can already tell that she is a sensualist. She can be an instigator. "BOY climb up that chair and jump off of it." "BOY, let's draw with markers on the table." She does this often for show, looking out of the corner of her eyes to see if anyone (Mommy!) is noticing. She is strong... in spirit and will. She LOVES to paint or draw. She produces about 12 pieces of art a week. I believe she has a gift. She painted the butterfly cut-out pictured above on Sunday. I find it remarkable in many ways. The sense of color. The variety of brush strokes. The attention to detail. She is my daughter and she is 3 1/2. I love her with a fierceness that is primal. What wonders are ahead for us? I'm sure she will unveil them.

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  1. What a beautiful detailed tribute to your girl.

  2. What a beautiful butterfly, and a beautiful post about GIRL's spirit.
    P.S. I am going to tour a preschool today - hope it goes better than your experience!

  3. Beautiful butterfly; beautiful tribute.

  4. the best thing about being a mom is being the one person that sees all the nuances and wonders of your child. GIRL sounds wonderful.

  5. Love the butterfly--truly talented, wonderful girl :)
    You should save this for her memory book.

  6. Primal is the perfect way to describe a mother's love. I love the way you describe your Girl. She sounds like a fascinating and complex woman at 3 1/2.

    You're in big trouble.

  7. The butterfly is amazing.

    Beautiful tribute to your daughter.


  8. She's sounds like an amazing GIRL and will be an amazing WOMAN.

    Awesome butterfly!

  9. and she loves you the same. I guarantee it.

  10. This was beautiful, and I know she will treasure this tribute her whole life.

    I agree with others before me--she will become an amazing woman. And you're bound to have your hands full!


  11. She and the Queen need to meet. They sound a lot alike. Assuming I allow the Queen to live long enough. Somehow she went from 4 to 13 overnight. Today she deliberately destroyed all the frog eggs in the pond. That was after she broke about 15 different things which she CLIMBED UP TO to retrieve from high shelves. Fortunately my mother is coming on Monday to spend a week.

  12. When I said they sound a lot alike, I didn't mean to include the Queen's mean streak.

  13. What a beautiful way to honour her lovely little spirit. She sounds pretty amazing.

  14. This was beautiful. Doesn't it feel good to write posts like this?

  15. I like GIRL, I can relate to this in so many ways. I sense a scientist.

    Yep, that's right! :)

  16. What great tribute.
    I love her painting! So expressive.

  17. I so enjoyed meeting you last night. I've looked a little closer now at your blog and I love it! You have a very nice style.

  18. Look at this post and then the post you wrote are a terrific mom and so real. Yes, it is very evident that your love is primal and very honest.

    And we really love your writing as well!



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