Monday, October 22, 2007

12 things I love about you

Dearest E,

Tradition says silks and fine linens for 12 years of marriage. Mmmm...silks and fine linens, materials that are PERFECT for two little preschoolers, with nimble fingers, who seem to have taken up residence in our house. Perhaps we could alter the selection to ... hand painted silks and fine & funky smelling linens? Perhaps not.

12 years is a long time. A dozen anniversaries. Many memories. Many meals together. Many nights of lascivious ... living. But, the years that really stand out are this last quarter - the last four years in which we became parents together. This anchors us, enriches us and yes, occasionally exhausts us. No matter what, I know that you put our family first.

Thank your for your patience, most especially as I spend so much time writing on this blog now. And that takes time away from us. Your creative way of flying BOY'S Buzz Lightyear doll by my head last night, and talking for him Hello, I'm Buzz Lightyear! while I was up late writing did not go unnoticed by the way.

And so I give you 12 things...

12 things I love about you:

12) Your fanny.... no explanation necessary.

11) Your helpful nature - you'll drive a friend 50 miles roundtrip to the airport in the middle of rush hour traffic on a work day - no problem.

10) Your physical & emotional strength - you'll move some lost soul (usually a friend or my family member) out of one house and into another place multiple times within a few months & be the first one to show up for a friend when a loved one dies.

9) Your passion for learning & interest in just about anything - art, politics, sports, obscure trivia.

8) Your incredible energy - hiking from the south rim to the north rim of the Grand Canyon (22 miles) in 12 hours. (I think you've got the fanny advantage for that last 7,000 feet incline.)

7) Your belief that things will always get better ... despite so many obstacles.

6) Your hands - worn, hardened from physical labor, battered nails, so beautiful to look at.

5) Your talent - the best damn actor who should be regularly employed.

4) Your belief in me - you've been my biggest cheerleader, most recently for this blog.

3) Your ability and facility to say you're sorry, especially when someone else (me!) should be saying it instead.

2) Your joy in being a father - one has only to watch you with BOY & GIRL.

1) Your kindness and the way you love. And you get up and do it again.

Today I dedicate this post to you, as I am conscious of the many things I love about you. Too many to count... thank you for 12 years of love, challenge and growth.

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  1. Oh, anonymous. Can I just break from reading your beautiful post, JCK, to say that a true defender of the faith would put his or her own name to the trash they write on others' blogs. Feh.

    Happy Anniversary, hon! I'm so happy that you're lucky in love.

  2. JCK, on a day of celebrating, maybe you should hit delete with joy and abandon on anything mean that crosses your path today:)

  3. Thanks so much, ladies! I guess I started something over there - didn't mean to. I deleted the comment.

    Thanks again for all of your well wishes and HAPPY thoughts. :)

  4. I love this post. I love when wives celebrate their husbands. We should do it more!

  5. Awww! Such a lovely tribute!

  6. Sweet and beautiful. I'm impressed by the fact that you and E are still so close after 12 years of marriage. Congratulations. And best wishes for 12 more years of closeness.


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