Tuesday, October 30, 2007

WFMW - How much candy to let the hooligans have?

Last year was our first venture out to trick-or-treat, when BOY & GIRL were 2. The whole candy thing had me a little concerned as we try not to have the kids consume too much sugar, and candy is something pretty rare. (For those of you who know me as the chocoholic, I know this sounds highly hypocritical - but, hey...trying to be a good parent.) Anyway, a friend gave me an idea last year and I really like it. On Halloween night, allow your child to eat as many pieces of candy as their age. So, last year BOY & GIRL had 2 pieces of candy each on Halloween. (Then E and I devoured the rest and believe it or not they forgot about it the next morning!!!) This year, they will each get 3 pieces. I don't anticipate that they will forget about the candy upon awakening in the A.M. However, 3 pieces a day for 3 days sounds reasonable. We'll see. It works for us.

What do you do to limit the amount of candy your child gets on Halloween?

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  1. Hey - That sounds like great and fair idea! I, however, let them go crazy - I don't know why. Maybe because there are four of them and I just gave up a long time ago. They do, however, forget about the candy as well - and that works out! I steal all the chocolate and put the rest away, just in case they ask. If they don't ask for a while, I trash it. My kids love candy (especially my boy) - they don't need it and neither do I. Have a great Halloween with your little ones. See ya later. (Thanks for the nice comments about the kids - I really appreciate your kindness). Kellan

  2. We haven't really trick or treated much, last year we had over a foot of snow and it was -5C or so this year the boys have super bad colds, but I like the as much as their age idea.
    My parents used to go through the candy after we were in bed and mom would take all the chocolate out (except a few bars) and she would hide it in the freezer and save it for bad lunches throughout the year. None of us really liked smarties or lollipops so she would save those and give them out the following year. (I come by cheap honestly.)

  3. Great idea! We do the one-bite-per-year thing with dinner; my son knows he has to take "3 bites because I'm 3!" from each dish before he may be excused. Halloween night is a free for all, but starting Nov 1, he gets one piece of candy each night until I've eaten the rest.

  4. Once your kids are teens all bets or off. Limit? Fogedda aboutit. We have several boys coming for a sleep over, so I will spend the night trying to feed them protein in between bites of candy. Wish me luck.

  5. thanks for the reminder - I usually put their buckets of candy up high above the refrigerator and they ask me if they can have a piece or 2 - they don't usually cheat and climb on a chair b/c there's a few other siblings to tattle : )

  6. my six-year-old totally bought the "keep 6 because you're 6" and then the rest to the candy fairy...

  7. I let them eat whatever they want that night, then they can have 2 pieces/day (1 after lunch and 1 after dinner) till it's all gone.

    My 3 yr old doesn't even wind up really eating much on the free for all night. She just likes opening everything and tasting it. She usually takes a bite, throws it out and tries something else. More of it goes in the garbage than her belly, but she thinks she gorged herself.


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