Sunday, October 21, 2007

To my fellow lady bloggers who teach me something every day

Today has been a long day. The hang over of too much child-free fun was had by me last night. And so I feel as I'm slouching past 40, not quite as puddle wonderful as I did perhaps many, many years ago before I became another Antique Mommy. Yes, true confessions of a Pioneer woman this may not be, but I do know something about notes from the trenches. Oh, the joys of having small children quite skilled at speaking in loud decibels, which sounds like rocks in my dryer. I must admit that my frequent refrain today was because I said so. At one point I had to retire to this small office, as I'm the happy geek and am addicted to doing momtech things online. I didn't lose face today, but I am left wondering if they'll have the last laugh as I breed 'em and weep. NOT that I plan to produce more little hooligans! No, the thought of that is sending me to the kitchen to stuff myself with bub and pie and later read tons of blogrhet. Yes, the day is over now and I find myself inside out. But, before I go off the deep end and say madness, madness I say! I shall just say that blogs are stupid. But, not really...

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  1. Very good. Look at your creativity flow free. That was a good read indeed.:)


  2. This is why you top my favorites!! Too funny!

  3. That was so cute! I bow to your creativity, great one!

  4. Hey ladies, thanks for the kind words. I love reading all of you, so this was a fun exercise.

  5. Clever post! And thanks for the mention! I'm still figuring out the mechanics of blogging - and OMG is it addictive! ;-)


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