Thursday, October 4, 2007

An amalgam

The problem is that part of me is still at heart an actress, that wild child little girl madly dancing across the stage shouting Notice ME!! NOTICE ME!! DON'T YOU SEE ME! NOTICE ME!! And part of me is the writer who goes within and responds to the bliss of a quiet space in which to breathe and create. Both are me. And they battle it out inside me. Yet, I feel that the battle is shifting and somehow the actress and writer will merge. This is who I truly am. A combination. An amalgam. And the frisson is coming... where it will lead I do not know. Yet I do know it is vital to my being. The "she looks pulled together," Calm Mommy facade is definitely a part of me, yet there's a messy, passionate, voluptuous voice in me clawing to get out. And it's getting snarky waiting. And that is the quandary. And the quandary is this. Can the stifled voice be let

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