Thursday, October 25, 2007

I've got an ear confection!

GIRL has been sick on and off for the last month with a chest cough and cold that just wouldn't go away. We went back to get a recheck on Tuesday and this time the doctor prescribed an antibiotic. Now I don't know how it is in your household, but in our household my children think medicine is GOLDEN. Straight out of Mary Poppins. Only better. There is no need to sing "a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down, the medicine go down, the medicine go DOwn..." - sorry, the tune tends to stick. As I was saying, no persuading needed for getting medicine down throats at our house. Be it Omnicef or the over-the-counter cold medicines, the medicine goes down. Why? There's strawberry, bubblegum, grape, cherry, a full cornucopia of flavor. And my kids dig it. Big time. Yes, medicine is right up there on the top of their goodie list. So much so that yesterday, when I was giving GIRL her dose, BOY ponyed up and said he wanted some.

BOY: Mommy, I want some medicine.

The Mommy: BOY, you don't need any medicine, sweetie. GIRL is getting medicine because she is sick.


The Mommy: BOY, you are not sick. It is not good to be sick, BOY.

BOY: But, I AM SICK! I want some medicine. (Somewhat fake coughing fit commences.)

The Mommy (hoping to deflect): BOY, let's get you some water if your throat is dry.

BOY: But, I need medicine. I really NEED it. (Mommy's deflection technique obviously not working.)

The Mommy: BOY, I don't want you to be sick. It's not a fun thing. And medicine isn't fun. It's awful. Yucky. (The Mommy makes goofy clownish gross-out face for emphasis.) GIRL has to take medicine because she has an ear infection.

BOY: But, I have a ear confection!

And so we have it. It is SO absolutely ambrosial that words cannot describe its pure deLIciousNESS. It is confection!

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  1. Count your lucky stars that Girl and Boy like to take medicine. We used to have to threaten and cajole and, occasionally, wipe spit out medicine off the floor.

    Ear confection...priceless.

  2. So, where would you like the snow, cause there is thin layer of it all over my driveway and I am not certain I am ready for it yet!
    However, it certainly is better than those horrific fires. Trust y'all are OK.

  3. I remember feeling like that about Dimetapp. Yummy grapey goodness.

    Pie likes to self-medicate for all hurts, whether physical or emotional. If I'm lucky, she only needs "medicine" once a day, so I just slip her a liquid multivitamin.

  4. This was great. And now, I'll have that song in my head all day. Oh how I LOVE that song!

    The bright side is that at least they don't HATE taking their medicine which (I think) would be infinitely worse...

  5. Mrs. G, we have plenty of spit - just not a spitting out of the medicine. Thanks for a reason to feel good, though. :)

    HappyGeek, can't imagine snow right now. We're fine, just nasty air to breathe. Thanks for the good thoughts.

    BubandPie, we have lots of "owies" over here, too. Liquid vitamins...mmmm, have to think about that. They love their gummy bear vitamins, though. I call them "growling bears" and they giggle.

    WorksforMom, I know the power of Mary Poppins. My kids love the movie. BOY loves singing that song about flying a kite at the end of the movie. "Let's go...da da da.." He knows the words better than me.


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