Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Getting BOY motivated to dress himself

First off I want to thank all the lovely ladies who hopped on over here from Rocks in My Dryer to participate in Backwards Day Works-For-Me. It has been such fun reading all of your ideas. Now I feel fully prepared to deal with the deluge of art work....well, almost! Seriously, what fabulous ideas! And it has also been great to hop on over to your blogs and read up about you. Thanks for making my day!

So, we're trying something new here. BOY is very resistant to dressing himself in the morning. He uses it as a strategic delaying tactic before we leave for preschool. So, I've started laying out his clothes the night before and we have a new rule that he has to be dressed down to socks and shoes before he gets breakfast or can watch a morning program (which we do sporadically, anyway.) If he succeeds in doing this, I am letting him have a cup of chocolate milk. Organic Midnight Moo is pretty yummy. I read about it over at Kind of Crunchy Mama. Somehow if it is organic, I feel less guilty. And Trader Joe's is the best! So, the "big plan" is to keep doing this until we phase out of the chocolate milk (bottle of Midnight Moo is empty and doesn't get replaced) and getting dressed before breakfast becomes a habit. We did this with his potty training. Wish us luck!

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  1. Could be that I'm cruel, but I've been known to make my slow dressers wear their next day clothes to bed as pajamas. One night of this and I never had a problem again.

    Could work for you, who know?

  2. OOOhhh, you are cruel! Just kidding. Actually that sounds like a pretty good idea. Right now our plan of getting dressed before breakfast & having a cup of chocolate milk seems to be enough motivation - although it probably could always be faster! After we have the plan in place for a while, I'll just phase out the chocolate milk. Thanks for the thoughts!


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