Monday, October 8, 2007

Our minivan can fly!

Shhhhh... I'll let you in on a secret, our minivan can fly! Yes, it's true. Once everyone is buckled in, we brace ourselves for the countdown out the driveway. I know, I know, airplanes don't have countdowns, but in our world...they DO.

10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1..BLAST OFF!!!!
And Pilot Mommy has hit the road. Co-Pilot BOY is eagerly pushing his arm rest executive controls and proudly wearing his navy blue Pilot blazer with the airplane buttons held on with safety pins (Halloween costume from last year.) Navigator GIRL has flipped open her Thomas Guide Maps of Ultimate Maneuverability and is ready to guide us through challenging morning air traffic.

Whooaa, there goes a truck airplane, shouts BOY!

There goes a bus airplane and another bus airplane, screams GIRL not to be outdone.

Navigator GIRL, please check your maps and tell me if we head due South at the next light?

Yes, Mommy, we do. We certainly do, she states with conviction.

O.K. heading south it is, states Pilot Mommy.

There's a FIRE TRUCK airplane! A FIRE TRUCK AIRPLANE, MOMMY!! - shrieks BOY. The louder the shriek, the easier it is to reach almost deaf by this time Pilot Mommy. MOMMY! MOMMY! This ol' Pilot needs some Super Dooper ear plugs. After all, it is 8:00am and I've only had one cup of tea.

Got it, BOY! Wow, a fire truck airplane. Here comes the flashing lights, prepare to slow down. I'll contact the tower. **Squawk** Pilot to BOY & GIRL's school tower. **Squawk** **Squawk** **Static** Pilot Mommy to the school tower, do you read?

Yes, Pilot Mommy, come in. - mystery voice from the tower.

We're on our descent. Prepare for landing, Co-Pilot BOY & Navigator GIRL.

Minivan comes to a halt in front of the school. Co-Pilot and Navigator exit their car seats after Pilot pushes magic release button. Pilot throws one blue backpack marked BOY and one red backpack marked GIRL over both shoulders, grabs one small hand of each and steers everyone to the school gate. All have arrived safely and in good spirits.

This is a GOOD day. I have them fairly regularly considering I have two children who are both currently 3. But, the best part hadn't come yet. No, the best part was when this Mommy picked up a dirt covered BOY and a paint covered GIRL and BOY said, Mommy, thank you for pretending the car was an airplane. It stayed with him all day. It did!

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  1. Awww, that's sweet. Those are the times you feel like a kid again, but with your own kids. I see your son does what mine does whenever a fire truck is around. My son can let out a glass breaking yell when he sees one. All excited...:)


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