Monday, October 15, 2007

She wants to be an Owl

My beautiful, darling, creative little GIRL wants to be an Owl for Halloween. An owl? An owl. I have tried to subtly steer her in a direction that might lead us to creating a costume that might be a tad... easier to figure out. No such luck.

I try asking her every couple of days, What do you want to be for Halloween, GIRL?

Her answer is consistent, I still want to be an Owl, Mommy.

So, it seems I have to get with the program. I'm thinking brown leggings, a brown long sleeved shirt and a feather boa (hopefully Owl feathery) that we can pin to the shirt sleeves across the back. Or all white. The ears/hat issue is what is giving me trouble. Any ideas? I welcome them!

Oh, and did I mention that I don't sew? A stitch. Buttons are a challenge for this GAL. All you Martha Stewart types - come on over!! In other words, all you lurkers who are costume wizards - please delurk and help a domestically challenged mama....

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  1. I have no idea how hot (or cold) Haloween is where you live but here we often have snow. So my suggestion is based on that. Cut pointy ears out of bristol board and pin them to a brown or other nuetral colored toque.
    Have fun!

  2. An owl - ha! How about some really big round glasses (maybe from the party store) and a cap of some type on her head (like a swim cap - do they still make those?). I don't know - I'm glad I'm not REALLY having to figure this one out. It's precious though - an owl. My little girl said she wants to be 1/2 devil, 1/2 angel - easy enough and very appropriate (hee, hee). Good luck!

  3. I have absolutely no sympathy for you. My son wants to be The Solar System.

  4. Thanks for all the great ideas, ladies. I found a cat ears head band that I can put yellow felt inserts in and a furry hat that can look feathery. So, I'm planning on the brown leggings & shirt and a friend has a black boa. Kellan, loved the giant glasses idea, I just don't think she'd keep them on her head yet. She is a very particular 3 year old. But, it inspired me to think "draw big round circles around her eyes."

    Mom Bomb, O.K., I give ... the Solar System!!! My GOD, you DO have a challenge. It could be fun though...


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