Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's something I forget about sometimes...laughter.

Since our life has revolved around pooping, eating and sleeping (or lack thereof) for almost four years, it seems only fitting that BOY & GIRL are obsessed with it. Poop that is. Not with the actual substance; that they know about, but the ability to use Poop as a vocabulary word. Flung out randomly, most especially at the dinner table. The other day GIRL had a monologue going on for over 10 minutes on Poop.

You're a poop, BOY! Poop! Poop! Mommy is a Poop face. There's poop on the book. There's poop on the stairs. Poop. Poop. Daddy, you're A POOP! There's poop on the table. There's poop on my shoes. There's Poop! There's Poop. Poop. Poop... you get the picture.

And the problem is that ...I start laughing. And that really helps. Which reminds me of my mom, bless her, who had 4 of us. How DID she do it? Well, she laughed a lot. It's something that I forget about sometimes ... laughter. I just don't do it enough. And I know it is vital for my existence, our existence as human beings. Most especially essential for parents who have children who do sing-song chants about poop, for example. So, if that is the only laughter that comes easily these days...let me have it, will you! Of course, this does not make for great parenting. No, I would imagine that you won't find a child development expert out there recommending that you laugh when your children are flinging poop phrases around. But then, they haven't been to our house... and it IS funny.

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  1. Sometimes you just gotta take it where you can find it (umm... laughter... not poop...) : )

    Thanks for the great comment over at my place - love the photos of your little safarians!

  2. a little poop never hurt anybody.

  3. At my Granny's house last week we came across vintage dolls that were my mother's. The Rooster named one "Poopy" and the other "Butty."

    Of course.

  4. My youngest keeps us laughing. She stayed at my brother's one summer and lemme tell you.. our house was tooo quiet. I hope she NEVER stops being silly :)

  5. Today, for the first time, Bub told me to shut up. He had no consciousness of using a forbidden phrase, but I was shocked. So we've had our first conversation now about things that aren't nice to say ... fortunately "shut up" isn't nearly as funny as "poop."


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