Wednesday, October 17, 2007

BOY & GIRL'S tips to avoid a messy car...well, sometimes

Over at Rocks in My Dryer, it is Works-For-Me-Wednesday once again...GOD the week flies by, especially when you are under the weather and have 2 children whom you want to ...throttle? Throttle, yes, a very good word. But, that's another story.

O.K., so we have a couple of tips for keeping the car out of the "land of sticky."

  1. Put a nice towel, coordinated to match the interior of your car, under the car seat so that it covers the entire seat of the car. This little trick has a couple of advantages. When your child is climbing in the car and her feet are all wet (and sometimes muddy!), she can wipe her feet off on the towel and climb right in her car seat. No muddy/wet prints on upholstery or leather or on the car seat OR on the back of your front seats! (At first I tried getting those plastic seat covers that go under car seats, but my daughter slipped with her wet feet and they don't absorb any of the wetness.) We use two matching towels, as both BOY & GIRL are in car seats, and the towels come in handy also if the sippy cups spill overboard... Then when your towels get dirty (I use dark colors to disguise everyday dirt) you can just throw them into the washing machine and replace! It has been a great thing for us and has really protected the seats.

  2. Speaking of sippy cups, I keep a couple of empty sippy cups in the car in the bag with the extra pair of clothes for each child (poop explosions... need I say more?). Before I wised up, we would get drinks with straws going through the drive-thru. My children love to play - as in...blow milk all over the car through the straw. So...if you have a couple of extra sippy cups, you can pour out the milk into the sippy cups and voila - no problem. Makes for a cleaner car and a less stressed Mom. And for the have actually outwitted the hooligans!

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  1. Ah yes, I remember the poop explosions!! Good tips!

  2. I remember those days (kids still in car seats). While I was still in those days we had a bench seat in the van and I used their old crib sheets to cover the van seats. It sure did save my van seats from all those messy you mentioned (plus color crayons).

    Good luck in keeping your van clean. :) As they get older their messes just change to leaving school books and gym clothes in the van.


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  4. oooh, towels, that'll be something we start as winter (and the horrific mess it brings) approaches!

  5. Great tips! I will definitely remember these as our little one grows.

  6. very wise tips. i think i've just given up on a clean car. oy.

  7. Great tips - outwitting the hooligans... Now THOSE are some words to live by! : )


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