Thursday, October 11, 2007

Woe is me, today was poop and pee

I have a tragic flaw as a blogger. You may have noticed. I cannot be brief. I cannot. I cannot. Alas, it is true. I try. I really do. And sometimes it happens. Sometimes, what I want to say can be said in ...well 300 words or less. Really. And when that happens it is SO exciting and I feel like a BLOGGER! A real blogger. But, mostly I feel like a rambler. I AM a rambler see me ROAR.

Then there is someone like Antique Mommy who basically is a goddess. Yes, she is a goddess of blogging. She's funny. She's real. She's an amazing writer. And she-can-be-brief. What a gift! And it is simply not fair, but if she happens to write a longer post - it never rambles. How can that be?

So, in honor of trying to be brief. Here is an accounting of my day:

Woe is me,
today was poop and pee.

First poor BOY,
distracted by a toy
had a poop in his knickers
which wasn't even the kicker.

Because then my little Girl
in the middle of a whirl
had a poop in her pants
and then I was ready to rant!

All this in one place
so we lost face.
A Kids Kuts location
and it wasn't a vacation.

So, tonight I tucked them in
covers up under chins.
I reached for the quilt
and something had been spilt.

There arose such a stink
that my eyes had to blink.
It seems the cat had been by
and no, I do not lie.

He had peed on the bed
by then I was seeing RED.
So the bed sheets were changed
all the stuffed animals rearranged.

So, I'm really wiped out
but, I'm proud I didn't shout.
And, I'm off to get some Z's
God, NO more poop and pee, pleeeze...

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  1. Ha,ha...I'm probably the biggest rambler of them all.:) I like your poem!


  2. Thanks, Steph! I looked at it as an exercise in hopefully the warding off of Alzheimer's. You doing puzzles. Creating bad poetry surely has to help Mommy Fried Brain use new cells or replenish ones!

  3. A rhyming post? Are you kidding me? You have absolutely raised the bar. . .

    Thanks for checking out my blog: you doubled the readership! The Late Talking book finds (based on anecdotal evidence) that late-talkers are predominantly boys, predominantly with a family background in music and/or math. Interesting read. My twins didn't talk until after three and I had my stomach tied up in knots . . . we had every diagnosis under the sun . . . and then one day, magically, they talked. So I'm always a bit suspicious of speech therapy administered to kids 2 and below.

  4. Mom Bomb, you crack me up! We'll have to definitely continue the conversation on late talkers. My son did get speech therapy from about 2yrs 2 months to 2yrs 10 months. His speech therapist said he had caught up by then. It was very interesting how he learned to talk. He just started talking. No repetition. He just talked one day. And is still talking... We're just working on articulation, but it will come. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. The post you host was the most and I compare your talents to crisp buttered toast. Lame, I know, but you inspired me to try. Fun.

  6. :) What a day! Seriously, I hate cleaning up pet mess after changing a zillion diapers every day. It is enough to push anyone over the edge. Fun to see you at church today!

  7. Tssk. Tssk. I have logged several days that sound very similar to this. It's always the dog's poop and pee that sends me to the edge! I love how you have a sense of humor about it all!


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