Friday, October 12, 2007

My husband left me

My husband left me. Well... for the weekend. Alone. O.K., not ALONE alone. Alone with the kids. Normally this wouldn't even make me blink. But, tonight I'm kind of down to a squint. I've had a vicious sore throat for days now -one of those sore throats that makes you feel like someone slashed your inner throat with a razor blade. Not that I have that intimate a relationship with razor blades. Nope. Am a lazy ass when it comes to using a razor. Legs often look like an advertisement for hedgehog fur. Now that E is gone, I might even misplace the razor.

It was E's 50th birthday last month and what he really wanted was not a party, but something different. Something life changing. Something inspiring. And so, he has gone to the Grand Canyon for the weekend with a couple of buddies. To kick back and smoke cigars, you ask? To ogle Swedish tourists? Well, maybe. But, the main focus will be ...hiking from rim to rim in one day. 11-12 hours and about 21 miles. They drove out today, had dinner at a nice lodge and will hit the trail in the early morning - hoping to be on the other side when darkness falls again tomorrow night. He saw the Grand Canyon for the first time today. He didn't have the words. I'm really thrilled for him that he's getting to do what he really wanted to do for his birthday. Of course, I would have been absolutely ECSTATIC if he had hired a babysitter, masseuse, housekeeper and cook to take care of me while he was gone, but you can't be too picky I guess. After all, I do all of that and who could compete?

So, back at the ranch (we have a small grassy area in a neighborhood that is zoned for horses) today I was inside getting dinner ready and BOY & GIRL were outside in the back yard playing. After determining that the screeches were starting to escalate into painful shrieks and shouts of "Mommy!", I hustled outside and found GIRL sitting on the bottom of the seesaw and boy sitting in the grass right next to her, patting her gently and saying, It's O.K., sweetie pie.

GIRL, are you O.K.? What happened?

I hurt my ankle, Mommy. It hurts.

I'm sorry, sweetie. Can I give it a kiss?

Mmmmhmmmm, said with a nod.

She had hurt her foot while they were playing on the seesaw and he had gotten off and was sitting with her. Trying to help her.

BOY, I can see what a wonderful big brother you're being to your sister. That is so nice that you're helping her.

And GIRL says, he's not my brother. He's my teacher.

And so he is...

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  1. Just found your blog and I really like it. As for blog lengths, it's funny but I always feel like I'm too brief! Guess we all self evaluate/judge.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks for coming by, Rose. Yes, it is funny how we loooove to self-flagellate...My GOD, that sounds obscene!

  3. What a cool adventure of your husband. I can't wait to hear about it.

  4. I love E's 50th Birthday trip! I hope you've had a great weekend alone with the kids...and that seesaw moment is really tender and sweet. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I hope you're feeling better. To be by yourself taking care of little ones AND not feeling well..ugh. Your son is like my son is with my daughter. Always taking care of her. So sweet.



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