Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Mouseketeers

We've been on a whirlwind tour this weekend, 2 birthday parties yesterday - cupcakes x2, ice cream and cake. Oh, and did I mention cupcakes x2, ice cream and cake? Yes, SUGAR. Always a good thing to put in your children when you want to see them zipping back and forth like YoYos. At bedtime. Anyway, overall we've had a pretty good weekend considering E is away and they miss their daddy and I miss my hunk 'O Burnin' LOVE.

This afternoon, after attending church and seeing to lunch and reading 3 stories...well, I was way beyond ready for "quiet time." In fact, I started to fall asleep on the bed in the playroom where we read stories. In the middle of a story. I'm reading along and all of a sudden I say things like, "blah bligity blu." Of course this set off peals of giggles and when I feel asleep again GIRL got a big kick out of poking Mommy and waking her up. So, YES I needed "quiet time." Desperately. Nap time has pretty much evaporated in our house at this point.

So, they had a choice of playing quietly in their room, watching a movie, looking at books, etc. They chose to play in their room and I went to go lie down. I was able to doze for short periods of time - when not interrupted by BOY running down the hall and BURSTING INTO THE ROOM declaring: GIRL just pushed me. Or BOY running down the hall and BURSTING INTO THE ROOM declaring: Mommy, something is wrong with the movie. So, after a bit of a rest I was up and actually felt much refreshed. As I looked into the kitchen I noticed one of the dining room chairs had been brought into the kitchen and was up against the open pantry door. Curious as to what I would find, I walked into the living room and BOY & GIRL are sitting quietly watching Curious George together. On the Ottoman were two wash cloths neatly arranged each with a handful of raisins set upon it. I was quite impressed. The portions were LARGE, but still this self-sufficiency was impressive. And right in the middle between the two servings was what was left of an enormous wedge of Gouda cheese - basically the wax. The cheese had been devoured and the remaining shell was covered with tooth marks. Many, many little tooth marks. As if a fleet of mice had been by and happened upon the mother lode. And so it is this image that will stay with me tonight. My little Mouseketeers. It seems I have taught them well at fending for themselves.

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  1. As I was reading this I thought you were going to say that there was a hunk of chocolate between their neat raisin piles. Alas, it was the gouda. Smart kids. I would've gone for the cheese too! Hope you're well!

  2. Ahh, love it when they can start doing things for themselves. :) Feeling much better. Hope you are too!

  3. So cute! Cheese! I was sure you were going to say Oreos or chocolate too! I hope your E. is coming home soon so you can get some much needed rest! My D. is off for three days too so I'm trying to conserve energy and go with the flow. We'll se how that goes!

  4. At least your children found something good for them. My kids would have had a loaf of bread and a squeeze bottle of jelly out of the fridge.:)
    That's cute they can fend for themselves while mommy sleeps.


  5. Too funny on the kids managing to find healthy snacks. Don't you KNOW that I hide the chocolate! :) You all are right, though, I should be pleased at their food choices.

    E is back (YEAH!) and my body feels like it is going to finally give in to this cold/virus whatever it is that is going on. If this sore throat doesn't leave soon I'll have to visit the doctor. Ugh! Yes, Shandy...conserve, conserve, conserve - act as though you are running a marathon or hiking rim to rim in the Grand Canyon! :)And, basically you are!


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