Friday, October 5, 2007


Tonight E is out at a fundraiser for Soles4Souls - Changing the world one pair at a time. It is a wonderful organization that helps children and adults all over the world have what we take for granted - shoes on their feet. A couple of his friends are hosting a shoe drive. I would have loved to go, but we couldn't get a babysitter. Oh well...

As I gathered a few pairs of shoes together, I explained what I was doing to BOY.

BOY, tonight Daddy is going to a fundraiser. That is where they raise money to help people who don't have money and need help. This is a special one and we are giving away the shoes that are too small for you and GIRL to children who don't have any shoes. There are some children who don't have shoes.

That is sad.

Yes, it is sad. But, your shoes will make them SO happy. And their mommies and daddies so happy.

I am SO happy, too. I want to go and see them and run around and play with them.

Oh, sweetie, that is just wonderful. There won't be any children there tonight, though. It is just for grown-ups. They will gather all the shoes and bring them to the children soon.

I want to go.

Someday, we can do something like that, BOY. It is very special that you want to help the other children. I am proud of you.

After E left, I had quite the star studded evening right here with my two hooligans. We had turkey pot pies for dinner and cinnamon schoolhouse alphabet cookies for dessert. We picked the letters out and spelled out their names. BOY enjoyed the game, GIRL just wanted to have at it. Well, she is a early this love affair with food starts! Speaking of...tonight I am indulging in Trader Joe's Pound Plus milk chocolate (hey, I'm PMSing!) imported from Belgium. Yum! That should get me through the weekend. Or maybe not...

It was cooler tonight and the kids got in what we call their "sleepy pajamas." Those wonderful footy PJs that look so darling and keep them warm when they kick all their covers off anyway. We did our usual ritual, first Twinkle, Twinkle then a Silly, Silly Soul man story - tonight about the dog Silly, Silly Soul Man who had a bad cough and needed a vaporizer in the garage, which steamed out a mouse from the rafters, who was chased down by our cat Sneaky, Sneaky Dillon. Then lullaby and goodnight to BOY and GIRL as well as the assorted stuffed animals and I'm over and out at this point. Best job I've ever had being a Mommy, but kicks your ass! Goodnight...

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