Saturday, October 13, 2007

Just say NO!






That about sums up my day today, how was yours? And the "No's" were unfortunately uttered by small children who appear to have taken over my house. I don't know them. These small tyrants with large lungs. However, they appear to know me. Intimately. They also have very small fingers that can push a large red hot button in the center of my chest marked "HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT 'CAUSE I'M YOUR MAMA". Once, twice, 15 THOUSAND...I've lost count. I may just sleep outside with the dogs tonight. It would be quieter and besides, they like me. Today I've been handed snotty Kleenexes, wadded up wipes with strawberry jam trails, napkins with chocolate cake crumbs, a sippy cup, Spotty the stuffed animal dog, gooey milk soaked O's, and oh amazing shrinking brain - on a platter. Served with au du I luv des chillins. And I do. Surprisingly, despite the goo... I do. Dammit!

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  1. It's like we are living the same weekend. Why do children tend to blow up when their father is away? I want to know. I did do the cookies, and will blog about it someday when I get all the cookie dough out of every crevice in my kitchen. Note to self, 18 month olds are not ready for cookies. Really really not ready.


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