Saturday, October 20, 2007

Grown-up time is good...

Today was a mad dash to get the house cleaned and the kids to bed so that we could ....entertain. We have 3 couple friends whom we have dinner parties with every couple of months and tonight was our turn to host. We worried about getting the BOY down as he's been having such a hard time lately with fears around bedtime, waking up several times during the night - oh, and did I mention several times during the night? I can't remember the last time I had a good night's sleep. As E said, it is like he is an infant again - only not. So, BOY actually passed out pretty easily tonight - the one positive about losing the nap. GIRL on the other hand was not so easily swayed. She was deeply curious about all the goings-on. Deeply curious. So much so that when I went back to throw on some pretty clothes (hey, I try!) and a touch of makeup, I found her in the dark sitting on the toilet.

What are you doing, GIRL?
I had to go pee-pee, Mommy.
I can see that. Didn't you just go before Daddy tucked you in?
Yes, but I had to go AGAIN.
OK, GIRL, but I want you to hippity hop back into your bed.

So, after much debate over whether the bathroom light should be on or off, she finished up and sauntered back to her room. I won the "lights on" contest, make-up takes priority, by GOD. Right after I had done my impressive Superwoman quick change in the phone booth - I mean bathroom, I hear all kinds of loud talking and thumping down the hall. I go down the hall and she has the lights blazing in their room and has changed her pajama wardrobe from salmon to fuchsia. I shush and swoosh her back to her bed and miraculously BOY still sleeps.

After tucking her in again and getting her more cold water and my nose is running I need a Kleenex, Mommy, I whisper goodnight and head back to finish my bathroom toilette. By this time the guests have arrived so I just slap on some lipstick, make sure nothing is in my teeth and leave the vicinity. BANG! GIRL has come to her door, slammed the door and run back to her bed...laughing. Once again I go in, tuck her in and this time...promise to give her all the details of the dinner party in the morning. What is she 14? Apparently so. She is dying to come out to the party. Alas, Mean Mommy has had enough and she is tucked in for the FINAL TIME, GIRL.

And then I enter the land of adults. A place where you can have uninterrupted conversations, sometimes not about children. It was heavenly. And what did I cook? Pork roast with mandarin orange glaze, fresh asparagus and risotto. And for dessert.... Baked Alaska. And I actually pulled it off! The menu and succeeding in spending an evening with adults. What a concept. It was raucous. My stomach muscles hurt from laughing. Grown-up time is good...

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  1. Grown up time is awesome. For me, it takes a couple minutes or so to get into grown up time. I have to switch gears and realize there are no kids around.:) I feel for you with your son. The whole scary thing at night is almost like having a little baby again. But it too shall pass.


  2. Congratulations on a dinner well done. My daughter is five and so far, the only dinners we have hosted included her--- at 5 pm, and she carried most of the conversation. Oh, for some grown-up time....

  3. And she actually stayed in bed??? You're not only, obviously, a great cook, but a great mom! What a great post - I thoroughly enjoyed it. See ya!

  4. Host.. AT your house AND kids stay in the room??? You ARE the mom! My kids would have never given up LOL

    It really sounds nice! I play bonko once a month and about once a yr I get to host it at my house. The kids are MUCH older and scoot to their rooms - mom and her friends are embarrassing LOLOL

  5. Indeed it is. Your menu sounds divine.


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