Sunday, December 16, 2007

Apparently I did something wrong

Apparently I did something wrong.

You DIDN'T ask me, Mommy!! You DIDN'T ask ME! Waterworks and shrieks issued forth from BOY.

We were sitting down to our weekly Sunday brunch whipped up by Chef E. Pancakes were on the menu. The chef extraordinaire had just created pancakes for BOY and GIRL in the shape of a letter - the first letter of each of their names.

It's a "G!" shouted GIRL.

I've got a "B!" screamed BOY, not to be outdone.

I, myself, did not earn a letter. Must be the PMS backlash from the chef with the hot cross buns. YOWZA!

GIRL asked me to cut up her pancake. I obliged. I then started to cut up BOY'S. BIG mistake. BIG one. Apparently GIGANTIC mistake.

YOU DIDN'T ASK ME, MOM! I WAS IN THE KITCHEN WITH DADDY AND YOU DIDN'T ASK ME! Such wailing, watering and gnashing of teeth ensued, you would have thought I had broken his favorite train. All of them.

I'm sorry, BOY. You are right. I didn't ask you. I thought you'd want your pancake cut up.


O.K., I'm sorry, BOY.

You didn't ASK ME!

Meanwhile, E, was whipping him up another letter "B" pancake to make up for the tragic loss.

BOY, appeared to think I hadn't "gotten it." He wailed, gnashed and flooded some more. And more. Just as we were about to build the ark, E swooped in flipping the handsomely crooked letter upon BOY'S plate.

Where tears had gone nobody knew. Vanished. In a whole of 2 seconds.

You can ask me now, Mom.

What would you like me to ask you, BOY? Ask you if you'd like me to cut up your pancake? Somehow clarification seemed vital at this juncture.

Yes, smiled a boy with no trace of previous trauma on his face.

O.K. BOY, would you like me to cut up your pancake?

Yes, please, Mommy.

And then... You're a good "Asker" Mommy. You're a good "Asker" he said. And he gave me a couple of nice pat-pats.

"A good Asker." Apparently I did something right.

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  1. Oh dear. Yes, I'm familiar. I have fallen victim to taking things upon myself. You do realize that if Boy had walked back in to see that you had generously cut up Girl's pancakes but neglected his, well, outcome=same. And also You=can't win.

  2. I remember those daughter used to throw a fit if I didn'g cut precisely along the grid of her Eggo waffle. Check out the pattern on these babies and you will know it is an impossible task.

    Good asker? I'm so stealing this.

  3. Now that's funny! Now at least you know the rules.

  4. Oh, I have that child. So far it's the girl child, but I am sure that boychild will learnthe routine soon.

  5. I had THAT child. My oldest, my son, was THAT child. Thankfully the youngest seemed not to get that gene. She's happy no matter how you cut her pancake!

  6. This is why people drink at brunch!

  7. I think you can sleep a little better knowing you are officially a "good asker". That little tale just warms my coffee.

  8. E was the quick thinker and you are the good asker. Sounds like a good team!


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