Saturday, December 22, 2007

Stimulating conversation in the minivan

You may be surprised that I often get this comment:

You own a MINIVAN?! WOW, how exciting!! I adore them! Cool Ride...MAN, I wish I had one. They're awesome. Chillin' coach, babe.

No, not really. That doesn't happen. I absolutely lied.

To make driving in a minvan THRILLING, we like to do rhyming games in the car. Truthfully, we do it SO much that I'm afraid that I'll start talking in rhyme in my regular life. Or perhaps burst into song. That, indeed, would be a grave mistake - for everyone around me. The expression TIN EAR fits me well. I wonder if it has to do with my large ears? Perhaps large ears have a tendency to be tin? Could be. Could be... So, anyway, rhyming in the car passes the time, breaks up fights, distracts the objects that seem to become airborne mysteriously. The other day we were headed home after picking up BOY from preschool.

Me: So, what shall we have for lunch today? How about some peas?


ME: I think we should have peas in the leaves with a bunch of fleas?


ME: What about corn before you were born in a baby Bjorn?


ME: How about... bread with Fred colored red? [I know you are absolutely in AWE of my rhyming ability. Maybe this is my true gift?]


ME: How about edamame? (sounds like EttaMommy)

GIRL: No! Yucky!

ME: How about edadaddy? I think we should have edadaddy.

BOY & GIRL: NO!!!!!

ME: When daddy gets home I think we should stuff him full of vegetables, put him in the oven and have him for dinner.

BOY: No, Mommy. I LOVE him. He's NOT food.

ME: He's not?

BOY: No. He's my friend. I can't eat him. I love him.

Our BOY, loyal to the end...

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  1. I am always up for a minivan story. Very cute.

  2. You own a MINIVAN?! WOW, how exciting!! I, sadly, drive a subaru wagon which isn't nearly so cool.

    How do you stand living with such cute and charming children each and every day? I love your stories about them. And they are worldly...I only discovered edamame last year!

  3. I swear that every single time you talk about your kids, I am DYING for a photo!! Dying! One with faces... it would make a sick girl happy? In my inbox?? Maybe? I know you have a Christmas card photo. Tell the truth!

  4. What a fun game! Not at all lame. My days are the same. So glad that I came.

  5. I have a mini van, too. Yes, I am that cool.

    Actually,it is the best thing for transporting my partner's art and/or my dogs. But the dogs don't have such wonderful conversation skills.

  6. Well ... you know I'm drivin' a van! That was a darling story - we do a lot of rhyming around our house too - kids love to rhyme things, don't they? Hey - I hope you are having a good weekend and Happy Holidays to you and your sweet family. I'll see you soon. Kellan

  7. Oh I'm going to try the rhyming game! Mary Margaret will love it. And do I take it that your children eat about as well as mine do?
    We will be rhyming in our 95 Jeep, as they haven't yet made a minivan that will get up our driveway.


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