Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My back is aflame with overzealous Christmas Card designitis

My back is aflame with overzealous Christmas Card designitis. Caused by a ridiculous amount of time spent on the computer moving pictures around and trying to write something witty. All of which leads to staying up too late and finding oneself staring off into space. I need to be stirrin' up some SOULFUL thoughts sistahs, and I ain't got none at the momento.

But, before you grow too alarmed at my obvious descent into giddy, mommy brain-drain, idiotic mumbles...I will reassure you with this tidbit. Rudolph has been following BOY around for the last couple of days. Yes, that Rudolph. He rides in our van, accompanies BOY to meals and is just an overall friendly Reindeer. So, that being said. I'm SURE he will be able to lead me back to my bedroom tonight where I intend to launch my weary unbotoxed filled body onto my bed. I'm counting on Rudolph to lead the way through the dark... Maybe he'll get my bells all jingly. Such perks!

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  1. I was doing the same thing last night, with much the same results. Maybe Wednesdays aren't a good Christmas Card day, Karmically-speaking. (Is that even a word? Sheesh.)

  2. Oh yeah, I added you to my blogroll if that's okay. (Speaking of made up words . . . )

  3. what is it with you people reminding me that i need to do actual holiday stuff instead of wandering around like a moronically happy person?

  4. Well, if you're going to be followed by someone (or something), who (or what) better than Rudolph? :)

  5. I feel compelled to shut down my computer and do good wife things - but they will have to wait a little while longer.

  6. Bells all jiggly. Snort².

    Christmas cards - the ultimate hand cramping exercise!


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